C'mon Kids, Sing Along #002
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-26

Because I like to at least set the mood with a few lyrics from whatever song is playing in a bar/club etc, here's a list of starter lyrics in case anybody likes the same kind of intro.  It ties in well with a Local Bands list I created a while back. 
Blood on the hatchet. Blood on the hatchet. Love it. Love it. Taste the blade... Metal Core
Be bop, don't let the beat stop, get down, get down, waiting for a bass drop.... Laptronica
I'll start by slowing skinning your heart, while you're awake cuz you gotta know, sweetheart, when you ran away that night, after a brutal slight, you knew I'd still love you forever. You and your lovely heart…. Progressive Folk
Bit, hit, how'd I get in this shit, run, gun, this shit ain't fun... Electropunk
you should eat a donkey.....from the head down... Thrash Metal
Man, get that wireless shit away, bitch boy bandwidth, I thought you came to play…. Neurofunk
Damn. Ammo. Shit. I admit. This was a really fucking bad idea…. Punk Pop
Scream. Scream. Your life away. Sorry, baby, I can't stay. Adult Alternative
Bitch slap, heart attack, classic crack, classic crap... Gangsta Rap
Dead bodies in a stack, don't look back, knife in the back, heart attack... Thrash Metal
Trumped by a dickhead in a 422, but this Shin-Hyung is pulling through, got 10,000 watts of power right under the hood, run, motherfucker, you really should…cuz I got rockets.... Gangsta Country
Breathe deep, no time to sleep, because soon you'll be sleeping forever…. Terrorcore
Electric wires, steel wool to the eves, charge up my every atom, an AI surprise, a flash chrome remnant from a time long ago, so log in assholes, time for the show…. Cybergrind
Life is sunshine, when you are mine, when you're not around I like to spend time, killing rabbits... College Rock
Oh, yeah, now. Is the time. To rise up. Break shit. Fuck up life. End this... Hardcore Punk
I'm a chump, cuz I hump, pretty much anything that comes along… Indie Rock
Grind skin and gore into demons anew, it erupts through the skull, a summoning true, besiege the mortals, turn the screw…. Death Metal
Digital bodies pressed in slime, grid locked dance floor, data fluids yours and mine.... Cybergrind
Oh, fiddle on the shore, Johnny's met another whore, got him burnin' down the still, all that's whiskey's gonna spill… American Folk
Hamburgers and demons, high in the sky, throwing pickles and onions, it's time to die... Happy Hardcore
Buildings digitized, SINer without a soul, trapped inside a construct, nowhere to go... Techno Folk
From deep in the ground, a spirit wakes up... Tribal Rock
Big time mon, waving all that grass around, I get better shit from a hobo down town.... Reggae Fusion
When you feel the bullet rip, the moment that it hit, stand and fall in silence, your time here is done.... Hard Rock
Oh, see the night, full of fright, try with all your might, you'll never be free...of fear.... Indie Folk