C'mon Kids, Sing Along
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-19

Because I like to at least set the mood with a few lyrics from whatever song is playing in a bar/club etc, here's a list of starter lyrics in case anybody likes the same kind of intro.  It ties in well with a Local Bands list I created a while back. 
A cow blew up while i wast sittin' in my trailer... Classic Country
I ask, how many whoopins can one man take.... Folk Punk
Roarin for a beat down, slap that asshole all around... Gangsta Rap
Jerk. Jerk. Johnny got hurt... Bubblegum Pop
Demon, semen, god I hope I'm dreamin'...... Death Metal
I got a case of the tickles, life is so simple..fucker... Happy Hardcore
Bad ass woman gonna steal my soul..... Acoustic Blues
While I was shitting in the bathroom of a Cinnabon... Anti-Folk
Gonna rip his dick off, because he's got it coming... Hardcore Punk
Oh sweetness, I love your honeypot.... G-Funk
I thought she was so hot, then came the dick shot... Grunge
Drop. That. Dip. Shit. Into the grinder... Terror Core
I want a samurai boyfriend, who can just fucking shoot straight... Pop
Who got crumbs, on the goddamn carpet... College Rock
I got a jammed SCK, and my Predator is out..... Folk Punk
Jesus Christ, I pissed of off the mafia... Grunge
When the blood rains down. Down. Down. Down.... Metal Core
Mixed up in pit of flesh, only hope is my wish for death.. Death Metal
She hip hopped down, cute as can be. With spurs in her hands, and razor sharp teeth...fuck me.... Punk Pop
Big troll booty, bouncing down, all around... Tribal House
Deep down, motherfucker, you know that I'm right. And this cattle swap deal, ain't worth a fucking gun fight... Gangsta Country
Little johnny, found a bullet hole, in the middle, of mom's chest... Progressive Folk
Pickles slamming motherfucking bullshit. Motherfucker motherfucker, would you like a peach pit... Art Punk
Oh, yeah, baby, you got me. I'm your love and nothing's gonna stop me.... Glam Rock
When I sit down, seats corrode... Cardi B