Worldbuilding Quick Posts - August, 2021 - Quotes

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: August, 2021


“Call yourself a bigshot and you’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded by those eager for a chance to knock you down a peg, if not off the board entirely.” Seraphic [F/H], Host Of ‘Don’t Fuck Up: Survival In The Sprawl", daily sim burst.

“I tell them to enlarge their skulls to fit the new brain but, no, cram it in they say. Whatever. Just give me my fee and here's some free fucking aspirin.” Dr. Goode, from ‘Square Peg, Round Hole: The Funny Side Of Cybersurgery’, p. 2068.

“I pay insane amounts of money for the express purpose of never, ever getting what’s coming to me.” Dieadre Mark [F/O], Former Ares Exec, from “No Illusions: A Database Of Over 32 Million Quotes Of Corruption”, updated constantly.

"Money is nothing but a corp assigned value melded with a concept flowing through our plebian accounts on its way back to the corp. In the end, the money might as well go nowhere.” Riku [M/H], Leader Of The “Front 50/50” Economist Policlub

“An object in motion stays in motion: Until it runs into me.” Impact [M/T], 780 kg winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship ‘Boulder Weight’ Title.

“Going head to head with a corp is like playing poker with someone who has six full decks hidden up their sleeve. The only way to win is to make sure you have seven.” Silentstar [F/H], from her book “Woah, There: Logical Run Planning”, p. 2071

“I got perpetually fucked across the board. If it was biblical times, they'd only spring for 5 inch nails when they crucify me.” Celese [F/E], from her autobio “I Was A Runner Wannabe", p. 2073

“It’s like being forced to face the music, and then finding out the music is Weird Al Yankovic.” Whammie [F/T], Member of The Pussy Posse gang, after her capture, strange interrogation, and release by the DC Clownz.

“People want to stop repeat offenders, but, no, when it gets down to the dirt of it, everyone pussies out. Don’t be a fucking pussy.” Mayor Nikole Loisel [F/D], defending her ‘Three Strikes And You're Dead’ platform as Fort Wayne Safe District mayor.

“The man thinks he’s a wonder of the world that ain't even been built yet. Hence, the wedgie.” D Grave [M/T] after throwing away his chance at a UFC title by delivering an ass rending final move to opponent Sunny Sam [M/H], resulting in disqualification.

“There’s never as many cops as they show on the trid. You're generally just seeing 47 different angles, with 47 different filters, of the same goddamn Citymaster.” Province [F/H], Boston area runner.

“Unwavering confidence is what most runners have right up to the point they realize just how fucked they actually are.” Silentstar [F/H], from her book “Woah, There: Logical Run Planning”, p. 2071

“Vision enhancements rule. They save a lot of guesswork, kind of like nudity. Also, like nudity, the price varies, depending on what and how much you want to see.” Kintaro Carleo [M/H], DeeCee enhancements dealer.

“We have found no correlation between cardiac arrest and the receipt of a patient’s medical bill.” PanMed spokesbot, responding to a Rutger’s study showing that thousands who received 'surprise' bills died within moments of reading them.