Worldbuilding Quick Posts - August, 2021 - Places

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: August, 2021


Belchers - Bar [D] - Leonora Acara [F/O] - Known for its high-octane carbonated liquor, most evenings include at least one fire from a carbonated Everclear burp encountering a spark. Also has epic barfights with equally epic amounts of carbonated barfing.

Chandler’s Trough Eatery - Restaurant [AA] - Hogsam Barth [M/D], Owner - If wealthy people are willing to eat from a communal bin, with only one ‘recipe’ available each day, you know the food has got to be good, which it actually is. Just gross.

Crazy Botz - Service Drone Support [C] - Hooriya Gribble [F/O], Owner - The people you call when your anti-barf bot it's stuck on reverse, their advantage is that the barf-bot could be perched on a pile of dead bodies and they won't say shit.

Creature Comforts - Pet Store [C] - Renee Housel [F/H] - A giant toy and bed store for exotic and paranormal pets, if your ammit needs a comfy place to sleep and a titanium reinforced ball to play with, this is your store.

Devil’s Advocate - Nightclub [D] - Okeus [M/O], Owner - An array hell hued reference displays, people come here expecting to be caught in irritating arguments, with a nightly prize for the one voted most aggravating.

Happy Balls - Toy Store [B] - Senias Cepeda [M/H], Owner - Source of a local kids’ craze, the store builds 5 cm diameter balls that change into a variety of simple wireless robots. Half the customers are those looking to make combat even more batshit.

LuxLoch - Secure Luxury Hotel [AAA] - Jamie MacClennen [T/H], Owner - A body scan to create an ‘unbreakable’ bioprint is required to keep the 270 sentry guns IN the 50 story structure from swiss cheeseing you. Scottish themed for some reason.

Pawn n' Play - Pawn Shop And Casino [D] - Zhen Stickwort [M/T], Owner - Even sleazier than the normal strain of pawnshop, this one allows you to turn your precious items directly into site locked digital chips at twice their value. Big [chuckle] winner.

Shit Kickers - Bar [D] - Patrick Duffy [M/H], Owner - Steel toed boots required, this place is remarkable in that it looks, feels and (ugh) smells exactly like an authentic redneck dive bar, even though you're on the 40th floor of a rickety scraper.

The Tossed Salad - Restaurant [AAA] - Ed Wan [O/M], Owner - Staffed entirely by ex-cons convicted of gang on gang murder, the owner hires parolees right out of prison who had dedicated developing their culinary skills into sheer genius while incarcerated.