Worldbuilding Quick Posts - August, 2021 - NPCs

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: August, 2021


Hard Salami [M/T] - Exotic Dancer - Working at a joint that uses temp cash so you can still cram it in the banana hammock, he uses his job as an opportunity to relay coded messages on good ole paper. Well, as long as they’re on a large enough bill.

Amethyst [F/O] - Artifact Eliminator - Uses everything from magic to explosives to destroy whatever artifact she's paid to wipe out, regardless of its value or powers. Hard to track, as she seems to have a fleet of riggers helping her out.

Blankley [T/H] - Physad Street Magician - After traditional tricks you can learn in the matrix, he’ll kick it into high octane mode with tricks and illusions that most can't believe aren't being performed by a full magician. Also, one hell of a pickpocket.

Bubblegum [F/O] - Overkill Mercenary - Specializing in absolutely fucking up a target, she is a jack of all trades, wired with rigs and decks and anything you need to personally control a combined drone, cyber, and soldier attack.

Decimatrix [F/E] - Cloud Server - A walking server farm, she carefully hires out her storage and processing space to well vetted parties. She mainly keeps to herself in a luxurious 150th floor apartment and has the skills needed for her own matrix security.

Dreadhorn [F/T] - Vengeance Assassin - A woman of too many faces to count, she is hired to research the target, find their greatest love, best friend or family member, and slay them in as horrible a manner possible. With no moral compass, anyone is game.

Gawirowi [M/D] - Termite Shaman - Employed almost exclusively by redevelopers wishing to rid themselves of old structures, it's the fact that they don't care if the building is still inhabited that brings him pleasure.

Janine Vandertuin [F/H] - Corporate Loyalty Enforcer - Head muscle of the HR department, she performs checks on all systems, randomly looking for dissatisfaction. Rehabilitation severity ranges from 0 (a talk) to 10 (unknown, but probably fucking nasty.).

Josephine Weimer [F/H] - Talent Scout / Streamer - Like, oh my God, she just finds the coolest runners ever. And really wants them for a film. Runners are usually not keen on being spotlighted by her stealthy crew, but can't really hose a streaming icon.

Madelyn Coronel [F/E] - Physad Gambler - An adept with the sole ability to grow back limbs, she’ll make finger losing bets, and then clean up in the end. Good with disguise, out of obvious necessity.

Oria [F/D] - Undecided Radical - Never following anything with gusto for very long, she's generally harmless, with the exception of the elaborate, but remarkably stealthy, glitter bombs she ships via standard methods to whomever pisses her off that day.

Pigtail [F/E] - Street Samurai - With web bioware in her wrists and elbows, she hates being equated with Spiderman, sticky facing any commentator, which is not as fun as it sounds. With many ‘ammo’ bladders, she can operate for hours.

Stasia Ransberger [F/E] - Counter-Intelligence Agent - Placed in deep cover by the feds to keep the cops out of their business, she lives as one of their own while corrupting leads that work against the government's interests.

Twilight Zephyr [F/E] - EW Specialist - An exceptional physad, she makes use of her abilities’ protection from EM effects to pack as much EMP gear as possible before drone dropping herself onto the bad guy's roof, fucking up their Breaking Bad binge.