Worldbuilding Quick Posts - July, 2021 - Places

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: July, 2021


Best Foot Forward - Luxury Shoes [AA] - Aedus Cano [M/E], Owner - Combat upgrades to all footwear, whether made in house or brand name. But most people go for the mods, because they’d just DIE if they were caught wearing anything less than Zoé.

Cracked - Access Specialists [D] - Darkscar [M/T], Owner - Locksmiths with power, Cracked has explosive and drone expertise, which just means that, for the right price, they’ll send an anonymous drone to blast through just about any access point.

Droning On - Drone Shop [C] - Bluejay [M/H] - Handling mainly recreational sales, they also construct armed, hardened roto drones designed to attach to buildings and be a pain in the ass until destroyed, depleted or triggered to self-destruct.

Fluidz - Bar And Nightclub [C] - Gemini [F/H], Owner - Bizarre concoctions of dragon spit, toad juice, pineapple, and other horrific ingredients, all of which taste AWESOME, credit going to bartenders so good there have been actual extraction attempts.

Gamma Sun - Large Nightclub [Z] - Corroded Soul [F/T], Owner - For the cyberzombie who went way deep into the hole, the rusted, decaying Hell dungeon constantly emits radiation from the ceiling that the CZ’s seem the get high off of.

Gus’s Lab - Small Medical Testing Facility [C] - Gus Gus [M/H], Owner - With accuracy that matches the corps, the lab is tucked away in an alley, offering walk up service only, but has nice benches to wait on. Anyway, testing. No questions asked.

Live Wire Antiques – Antique Shop [B] – Altered Beast [M/FOMORIAN], Owner – With antiques dating all the way back to the 1970s, the store is hard core about short lived gaming systems such as Colecovision, Jaguar, TurboGrafix 16 and others.

Pipes Dreamt - Tobacco Store [B] - Jokie Hirsh [F/D], Owner - While not their invention, the store boasts an array of high quality, natural pack-pipes (a pipe made of packed tobacco that burns from the inside out). Currently ‘in fashion’.

Satan’s Backside – BBQ Restaurant [B] - Noella Coskey [F/H] - Owner - A Christian run establishment, enjoy teachings of burning in Hell along side the hottest damn BBQ wings this side of town. They also offer Crucichicken Fingers for the kids!

Sud-Z - Large Laundromat [D] - Biggs [H/F], Owner - One of those weird ‘sacred ground’ type zones, even runners need a place where they can wash their underwear without the risk of getting shot. Plus, giant machines for full armor outfits.

The Bucket Of Blood - Saloon [Z] – Stagger Lee [M/H], Owner – The stench of sex, grease, blood and excrement that wafts from the mouth of this hell hole within a hell hole is only a snapshot of the horrors inside. Never have a reason to come here. Ever.

The Gnarly Grape - Vertical Vineyard And Bar [B] - Maurin Morioka [F/E], Owner - Producing a bitter wine that packs a huge punch, the grapes are harvested from what appear to be sentient vines. The owner states she has an ‘agreement’ with them.