Worldbuilding Quick Posts - July, 2021 - NPCs

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: July, 2021


Axular Stratmann [M/H] - Architect - Proud of his well built structures, some find the aesthetics boring, drastically changing the exterior. He HATES THIS and is frequently found at bars, drunk, bitching, and subtly offering building info for a price.

Barn [M/T] - Plow Driver - A veteran of the Trans-Aleut Highway, Barn usually ends a megaplow run with two or three vehicles lodged in the blades. Hey, if you don’t have rescue coverage on the TAH, it’s pretty much your own damn fault.

Blood Savage [F/H] - Blademaster Adept - Utilizing a variety of bladed weapons to achieve her nonlethal, but messy, ends, she just makes a disaster of her prey, cutting for maximum blood and leaving no patch of skin unstained.

Blue Day [M/D] - Mana Storm Tracker - Through intuition and spell casting, he is able to detect building mana energy and guide travelers through the surreal, nebulous storm brewing around them. Considered by some to be an ‘extreme sport’.

Bronze Star [F/H] - Mercenary - Having always played second fiddle to merc commanders, her excellent skills have allowed her to jump from outfit to outfit, obtaining extensive info on all of them. Now a very well-paid freelance consultant.

Cyberman Dan [M/H] - Corporate Spokesperson - Having worked for the cyber lobby for 25 years, Dan has always been held up as a shining example of cybernetic safety. And, despite the pain of age and savage essence loss, he continues to smile and wave.

Dark Rock [F/O] - Elite Gang Banger - Few ’bangers are around long enough to become legendary, but with overlapping kill tattoos, and despite more than enough opportunity for upward mobility, she willingly remains a thug because she's brutally good at it.

Deviant [F/E] - Resonance Realm Explorer - A frequent, and usually ignored, realm traveler, she's said to have found an entirely new realm - one that she alone controls, with trappings and twists from her kinda creepy mind.

Ebony Wen [F/O] - Universal Translator - Language, code, or any other method of communication, and the cores to crunch the info, she also understands new languages based minimal info and checks the matrix for changes in usage. An extremely valuable person.

Edgeworth [F/O] - Headhunter - Being approached by her is a mixed blessing. You might be looking at some really good pay, but will have to endure a freaky monologue about all the shit she knows about you, and why it makes you qualified for the job.

Esther [F/H] – Urban Nomad – When the kind and aged woman is finished with the simple tasks neighborhoods pay her to preform, she’ll teleport over to another section of town with complete amnesia. There’s a community based around tracking her.

Maira Olegario [F/H] - Fair Witness - Conditioned since birth to report the absolute facts of a situation, her treatment appears to be wearing off, which makes her an immediate target for elimination despite the heavy investment.

Peggie Guan [F/GNOME] - Motor Pool Cop - When the cops got a look at how good she was, they provided top of the line equipment, weapons and resources. She loves her job, and you ain’t getting away. And to those who resent her: Get the fuck out of her way.

Ring [F/O] - Drug Dealer - Using a backpack filled with base ingredients, she is able to manufacture synthetic version of drugs from weed to opium. She can also crank out custom drugs. Just send the chemical structure and meet her later at a bar.

Shoshanna [F/E] - Hair Stylist - Renowned for ability to give each and every customer a unique hair style, she's sometimes hassled by cops/corps who have traced some SINers’ and runners' distinctive hair styles back to her.