Worldbuilding Quick Posts - July, 2021 - Corps

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: July, 2021


Aladdin Autocannon Inc. - Targeting System Manufacturer - Dalia Yara Boulos [F/H], CEO - Manufacturing experimental targeting systems that better discern target from SINner, compassionate runners seem to be more interested in it than corps.

ControlFuel - Fuel Station Chain - P'o Ahrari [M/E], CEO - Kind of a dick name, as they are one of the only suppliers of gasoline, ethanol, or multifuel left. They are able to charge steep prices but must also guard their shipments well.

Cryptic Intelligence - Think Tank - Unknown Leadership - With a matrix fortress and no physical presence, the world’s most brilliant people are involved in whatever the corp does. Nobody’s quite sure. Yet, the stock continues to skyrocket.

Particle Shield - Biochem Manufacturer - Shougo Meinhardt [M/E], CEO - Buying in on the whole ‘fuck with astral’ trend, the latecomer produces a biomist that disrupts astral travel within a localized area, but with ‘less residue’. Uh, priorities.

Pint Buddy - Beverage Delivery Service - Subodh Suzuki [M/D], CEO - Enjoy single beer drone delivery virtually anywhere, including combat zones. Also, for a scaled fee, they will deliver a beer from nearly anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Pronto Networks - Communications - Juanita Chen [F/D], CEO - Speed. Lots of it. They will get you a triple digit petabit connection in no time, mainly through a tremendous amount of multiplexing. Seems to market to everybody from runners to corps.

Worldmart - Merchandise Reseller - Ion Vadas [M/O], CEO - Sticking to non-augmented experiences, the ‘big box’ stores are works of art, with immersive merchandise projections and holograms. Everything is in stock, stored in the 50 levels above.

Yummy Now - Candy Delivery Services - Valeri Valderrama [F/O], CEO - Similar to other specialized drone delivery services, this company stands out because is has been used several times by runners to rain Skittles on their enemies during combat.