Worldbuilding Quick Posts - June, 2021 - Places

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: June, 2021


Knifty Knife - Small Knife Forge [B] - Britteny Sivert [F/D], Owner - While the knives may be small and cutsie, the quality and lethality of the blade is top notch, with exclusive miniature vibroblades that cut through 5 cm of flesh like butter. 

Savage Crafts - Craft Store [C] - Tyra Fjeseth [F/E], Owner - Heavy on the hemp, you can buy both a beer cozy and a pot holder filled with tiny knives that I guess you use if your pot roast ever gets out of hand. Anyway, they put knives in hemp.

Helpbrewski - Small Bar [C] - Dr. Naimah Kolokotronis [F/H], Owner - Staffed with actual skilled bartenders who listen and often advise, drinks are extremely expensive, but also is hiring a staff of booze slinging empaths and psychologists.

Brave Bullet - Ammo Manufacturer [D] - Sun Hee-Jin [F/E], Owner - Utilizing complex equipment packed into a small storefront, they print custom ammunition within minutes using virtually any material, including orichalcum, but no bio or chem.

In The Can - Cannery [C] - Earnest Shetrawski [M/D], Owner - Yes, fruit and veggies and whatnot, usually from the scraper farms above, but also apparently spirits and ghosts. (Not to be confused with the In The Can brothel across town.)

Eniusí Gas Extraction - Local Drilling Company [D] - Enius Toosmith [M/E], Owner - While a runner probably won't need to extract gas (unless maybe thereís a dragon fart trapped somewhere they can sell) Enius's crews do keep quiet and dig in any direction.

Parts Now 4.2 - Electronics Store/Warehouse [B] - Metal Brain [M/H], Owner - Consuming the top quarter of a 100 story scraper, half of the store is stripped parts (dropped regularly onto the roof), the other being highly valuable OEM components.

Grand Terminus (aka Juggernaut) Station - Enormous Abandoned Transit Station [D] - The result of uncontrolled spending, the project was to connect 18 lines nearly 20 meters below street level, but is now a used for the most boss swap meet ever.

PB No J - Automated Restaurant [D] - Jerrold Korres [M/H], Owner - Do you like PB on white? Well, thatís all they got, ready to print on a bank of machines that have been used in a weird way by hackers to send messages printed in peanut butter.

Superdead - Small Nightclub [D] - Epiphany [F/O], Owner - Thereís a 2,500 ny drink here that will actually kill you! Granted, you do pop back up (usually) in about a minute and then have a comfy place to drone on about your experience.

Club Serenity - Nightclub [B] - Miss Kitty Fantastico [F/CHANGLING] - A surprisingly violent place, the club is filled to the brim nightly with patrons who do nothing but debate (with voices, fists and knives) the intricacies of the Whedonverse.

The Happy Goblin - Huge Brothel [C] - Pink Grin [F/MINITOUR], Owner - For those who want a little more meta in their metahuman. Hobgoblins, Cyclops, Dryads, Nartakis, Gnomes, Giants and more. (Male giants are by far the most popular.)

Lord Hullís Big Top Dreamscape - Mega Rave [Z] - Lord Hull [M/O], Organizer - A tented festival of drugs, sex and relative peace that pops up monthly in the barrens, the cops mysteriously steer clear of what would normally be a prime target.

Shadow Pigeon Apartments - Apartment Complex [Z] - Desolator [F/T], Manager - Originally a military facility, the 100 story bunker-strength tower welcomes anyone willing to take part in the defense of the complex if adversity strikes.

The Steam Pump - Vape Bar And Shop [C] - Daybreeze [F/H] - Along with standard THC and nicotine, the shop creates custom flavors and blends, runs them through a quick mystery spell, and pops out a unique product weekly.

Plastik Shak - Tent Store [B] - Elma Chuba [F/D], Owner - Tents that keep you dry (duh) as well as thermo block, emp block, nanocamo, bioshield and virtually any other configuration, available on demand, on a big ass, extremely expensive printer.

Little Fields - Scraper Farm [B] - Rima Binder [F/T], Owner - Comprised of 150 stories of a scraper, with every 4th merged into one, entire stories can be leased to grow pretty much anything you want with both roof and ground pick up options.

You Stupid Motherfucker - Comedy Club [C] - Skinny Kallooo [F/E], Owner - Has a perpetual drug and booze filled open mic night where night dwellers from gangers to runners get to verbally rip each other new assholes in a gun banned environment.

HayTec - Feed Supplier [C] - Indiu Jarboe [F/H] - Supplying feed to scraper farms, the business leases locations around the city that they convert into Ďsilosí. High potency feed at staggering prices, as well as basic products, are available.