Worldbuilding Quick Posts - June, 2021 - NPCs

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: June, 2021


Randell Belitz [M/O] - Transit Authority Cop - While still willing take a bribe, the poor guy has been shot 7 times (thatís incidents, not bullets) protecting people at his tense subterranean post. Heís starting to get a little pissed at this.

Raimunda Flatley [T/D] - Federal Tax Agent - Uncorruptable, unflinching and by the book, her demenor is very cold, as she is deep into neg essence territory due to the array of brainware she has installed. You donít want her on your back.

Iron Tongue [M/O] - Food Connoisseur - Loaded with every imaginable piece of oral sensory bioware and cyberware, he looks downright terrifying when he eats; like he has a crab coming out of his mouth. Able to test food down to the ingredient level.

Kacey Georgakopoulos [F/O] - Chef - Credited with creating the best burgers in her former city, Kacey bounces around from restaurant creating her masterpieces for the highest bidder. The burgers run about 450 ny.

Greatgrunt [M/T] - Urban Brawler - If you want to elevate your status as a badass, kick this guy's ass. With a 98% win rate, he generally ends up walking out the front door with a drink in his hand and a smile on his face.

Donte Grosskopf [M/O] - Fisherman - Using, well, whatever the hell he uses, Donte can tell by sense where the biggest fish are, what bait to use, and other underwater information. Unknown if he can detect anything other than fish.

Saad Gaglio [M/O] - Arms Dealer - Deals in all manner of weapons, mainly pistols, but everything is legal and sold in bulk. Like, 1,000 guns minimum kind of bulk. Rolls up in tractor trailors with your goods so you better have a place to put them.

Rockthon [M/O] - Bodyguard - Lost a charge. A young one. But apparently he went down in a hail of bullets trying to protect her. Broken and living in squalor, the poor guy could really use a friend.

Weidenfeller Medart [M/T] - Construction Worker - Blackballed for reporting structural flaws on several different projects, Medart, despite his excellent safety and structural integrity skills, is currently working at a Stuffer Shack.

Riyo Li Na [F/H] - Psychologist - Apparently in town looking for new challenges, Dr. Na is well known for helping runners deal with anger issues that affect their profit margins. At least she gets right past the bullshit.

Header [M/H] - Newsdecker - Dug up a lot of runner dirt from where he came from. Dangerous, unless his research is fucking your adversaries, Header is a combination of the ultimate snoop and and extremely effective Googler.

Andrea Welch [F/E] - Coroner - Looking for a challenge and wants to look at the most mysterious deaths around. She's basically an independent contractor working with cops, runners, or anyone else who needs to know the cause of a weird death.

Argoitz Maruyama [M/H] - Graphic Artist - Was exiled from the industry for including hidden images of dicks in his work that strangely revealed themselves after people were told "how to look at it". Currently painting caricatures along 33rd st.

Sharleen Kloda [F/H] - Aircraft Mechanic - A brilliant mechanic when it comes to any flying vehicle, Sharleen has popped up working on the down-low around town. Blamed for blowing up a suborbital through negligence. Not sure if it's true.

Endera Bradley [F/H] - Superfan - The former president of the Fancy Dan fan club, she got a bit too aggressive in her fandom and ended up with a gazillion restraining orders against her. She still aggressively stalks him on the matrix.

Ratana Nove [F/H] - Romance Writer - Been going around to some of the seedier bars in the area and asking lots of questions in the name of 'research'. If you've got a vengeful ex in the area, here's to hoping they keep their fucking mouths shut.

Thad Dongshaft [M/T] - Simsense Porn Actor - In town looking for work. Featured in such classics as 'The Donginging', 'The Donginging 2' and 'The Return Of The Donginging', apparently he's been having, uh, 'issues' and is looking for a cure.

Buda Armendariz [M/H] - Stand-Up Comic - Understandable why this guy never sticks around, his material is really, really, REALLY racist. They're across-the board-racist, towards his own race as well as all others, but, wow, friggin' racist.

Latoya Chang [F/E] - Dentist - She was a full body cybersurgeon until she decided to specialize in dentistry. Seems to be able to fit anything from compartments to sensors into teeth.

Kamala Kamperman [F/O] - Historian - Researching a novel about the downtime night habits and cohesion amongst runner teams, Kamala is going around asking a lot of questions, without much regard for her own safety. Not. Smart.

Kylie Estrada [F/E] - Masseuse - Kylie will make you feel friggin' amazing. And she doesn't even touch your fun stuff. It's theorized that she's some kind of weird healing adept, as no conventional magic is in her.

Lianne Centorino [F/H] - Meteorologist - Bored with the weather patterns in Dallas, Lianne offers her uncanny ability to be dead freakin on with predictions to those willing to pay, though her primary clients are riggers with drone fleets.

Loucas Salhab [M/D] - Makeup Artist - It hurts like a motherfucker, but Loucas can perform amazing, albeit temporary, facial recognition fakes using bio and mechanical nanites. Emphasis on the 'hurts like a motherfucker'.

Lilia Khomeini [F/H] - Hotel Manager - Lilia took over The Grand Fork recently and uncovered a network of cameras throughout the place. So, if you stayed there prior to her arrival, might, you know, want to run a deep search on yourself.

Ooze [M/T] - Snitch - The man will not shut up, but must have a really powerful benefactor watching over him. Anybody who has tried to fuck with him has ended up getting the shit beaten out of them by highly trained guys and/or gals in black.

Alpin Frois [M/H] - Federal Investigator - Looking into booze price fixing by Krupp Imports and is extremely unpopular in the booze community except with mom and pop bars who are getting fucked by unreasonable prices.