Worldbuilding Quick Posts - June, 2021 - Corps

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: June, 2021


Logic Stalkers - Think Tank - Menestheus Murakami [M/H], Director - With the goal of making logical sense of the world, they’ve been accused of hacking systems to use their processing power. They also maintain their own quantum network.

Military Integration Specialists (MIS) - Mercenary Services - Miervaldis Morvan [M/H], CEO - Despite turning integration into subrogation in the past, some factions or even municipalities still have trust this cut rate provider.

AdVerb - Advertising Firm - Soiartze Doka [F/T], Owner - With a large portfolio of kiosk, AR, VR billboard and transit platforms, they are willing to put almost anything on their network for a steep fee and the required tag "PROBABLY NOT TRUE".

TobaccoPure - Nicotine Product Vendor - Carl Hlarf [M/H], Owner - Containing zero actual tobacco, the vending machines produce a rolled nicotine-fiber blend with custom potency, taste and quality. Deckers LOVE making cool shit with these.