Worldbuilding Quick Posts - May, 2021 - Places

By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: May, 2021


Obsidian Tender - Currency Exchange [C] - Bradley Tu [M/T], Owner - Exchanges not just money, but virtually any other substance of value, from gold to oraculum to titanium to other weird materials most people don't even know exist.

The Blasted Pasture - Restaurant [B] - Kenneth Arkansas [O/M], Owner - Cooks all kinds of printed meat to a nice, black crisp, regardless of how you order it. Popular with Trolls and Orks looking to make a point via 'carbon eating' contests.

Dinky And Dainty - Firearms Store [A] - Micha Matsunaga [F/D], Owner - Despite its cutisie name, the business specializes in turning big guns into smaller, concealable and more fashionable designs.

Pastover - Junk Yard [D] - South Fork [M/H], Owner - Owner has been dragging rivers for decades, acquiring a lot of valuable technology ranging from custom decks to mounds of loose cyberware, the flesh long since rotted away.

The Vortex Sanctuary - Scraper Estate [AA] - Highbrooke [F/E], Owner - 30 floors, the Sanctuary generates a null magic zone, popular with magic haters, paranoids and some magicians trying the break the zone for fun. Some have gone insane trying.

Situation Critical - Gaming Combat Arena [C] - Red Riding Hood [F/H], Owner - With the option of going hot-sim (borderline BTL) on most popular games, patrons sometimes leave the arena on a stretcher or in a body bag.

Three Little Words - Magical Training House [B] - Dreamcry [F/D], Owner - With a focus on manipulation of the heart, the operation is popular with high class prostitutes and magically inclined runners looking for a social edge.

Phantompark - Haunted Amusement Park [D] - Diddily Franks [M/H], Owner - Consists of several coasters of varying intensity, the tracks for which run through an actual haunted forest once popular for dumping bodies.

Raven Cash - Short Term Loan Agency [D] - Millicent Rosello [F/E], Owner - Deals with million dollar loans that generate interest by the minute until repaid, but perfect if you just need a couple mil to flip a deal.

Chain Reaction - Custom Demolitions [C] - Scarlett Anthony [F/E], Owner - Though the owner requires a permit, most of her designs skirt the very edge of what is legal while still creating devices that deliver a hell of a punch.

Death Of Roses - Gift Store [C] - Sapphire Daisy [F/H], Owner - Carries a variety of shit, glitter bombs, shit-glitter bombs and other fun stuff one can send to a former lover. Also apparently has contacts in the ‘revenge decking’ industry.

The Beacon Theatre - Small Theatre [C] - Big Bad Bully [M/T], Owner - A safe place for trolls to truly be themselves through performance art and traditional song and dance. Attendance is by invite only, and these rarely go to non-trolls.

Liberty Pizza - Restaurant [Z] - Cavalier [M/H], Owner - Sure as FUCK better be flashing your AMERICAN FLAG with FIFTY STARS or the patrons of this wasteland establishment will SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE. But, man, a choice of over 60 toppings!

Brew Crew Diner - Diner And Bar [C] - Lok Ondrusek [M/O], Owner - Home of the 3kg Demon Burger and bottomless beers (seriously, it refills every time you set down the glass) patrons must have an impressive gut-to-height ratio or pay a 25ny cover.

Tell A Tale - Bar And Coffee House [B] - Zena Hsieh [F/H] - Able to maintain a comfy atmosphere despite having a capacity of 100, the establishment has 4 staffed entrances as each patron is required to recite an original story or poem to enter.

Night Realm - Nightclub [B] - Poison Whistle [M/H] - With 100 mil of stealth material, and vast ECM and noise cancellation gear, the club is silent except for soft, rhythmic bass and conversation, as long as the person is directly in front of you.

New Hope Penitentiary - Scraper Prison [AAA] - Mari Carr [F/H], Warden - With the right connections and ny, virtually any rich con can ‘opt’ to be transferred to New Hope to spend their time in 80 stories of luxury. But they still can’t leave.

Words To Live By - Magic Shop [C] - Aurabelle [F/D], Owner - Focusing on health spells, they're unique inasmuch as they work with health across all disciplines, even the darker ones. Sometimes ‘health’ is a point of view.

Storm Experience - Water Park [D] - Vainche Kamberova [M/O] Owner - A former mid-sized stadium, the facility has a full, non-sim storm experience. 1000 water and light apparatus can simulate anything from a sprinkle to an F5 hurricane.