Who Are You

Wage Slaves Implanted With Second Personalities

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: August, 2021


Margot Perlis
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Female, Ork
Age: 25
Stature: Bowlegged
Hair: White
Eyes: Olive
Skin: Luminescent
Positives: Leaderly Punctual Alert Obedient
Negatives: Unpolished Superficial Arbitrary Disturbed

Carbh T'an
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Male, Dwarf
Age: 27
Stature: Toned
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Cornflower Blue
Skin: Pitted
Positives: Faithful Clever Flirtatious Good-Natured
Negatives: Mischievous Peevish Miserable Vulnerable

Zur Capitel
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Female, Human
Age: 25
Stature: Obese
Hair: Sandy Blond
Eyes: Shark Gray
Skin: Seamed
Positives: Faithful Adaptable Dramatic Observant
Negatives: Money-minded Ungrateful Asocial Gullible

Eremon Rosa
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Male, Troll
Age: 29
Stature: Hulking
Hair: Wispy
Eyes: Chestnut
Skin: Delicate
Positives: Rustic Subtle Multi-leveled Youthful
Negatives: Superficial Lustful Nervous Bland

Aidah Gotay
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Female, Elf
Age: 28
Stature: Burly
Hair: Titian-Haired
Eyes: Shark Gray
Skin: Rough
Positives: Profound Energetic Optimistic Lovable
Negatives: Odd Flirtatious Superficial Blameless

Son Ju-Won
Wage Slave Experiment Subject

Male, Elf
Age: 27
Stature: Chiseled
Hair: Nut Brown
Eyes: Arctic Blue
Skin: Glowing
Positives: Leisurely Self-critical Good Judge of Character Independent
Negatives: Reclusive Escapist Rigid Whiny