Construction Experts In Hiding After Negligence Led To A Scraper Disaster

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: August, 2021


Francene Kodama
Lead Construction Coordinator

Female, Human
Age: 26
Stature: Gangling
Hair: Blue-Black
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Pimply
Positives: Polished Warm-Hearted Responsible Accessible
Negatives: Prejudiced Shortsighted Defensive Overly Shy

Lisowski Larussa
Lead Construction Engineer

Male, Elf
Age: 29
Stature: Taut
Hair: Inky Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Skin: Rough
Positives: Methodical Bold Personable Respectful
Negatives: OCD Domineering Fixed Oblivious

Wei Tsougarakis
Lead Architectural Engineer

Male, Human
Age: 30
Stature: Hulking
Hair: Straight
Eyes: Mocha
Skin: With Large Pores
Positives: Obedient Charming Philosophical Alert
Negatives: Extreme Money-minded Incurious Extravagant

Azeem Delgado
Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Male, Human
Age: 24
Stature: Large
Hair: Bouncy
Eyes: Arctic Blue
Skin: Scaly
Positives: Considerate Discreet Sexy Subtle
Negatives: Schemer Rigid Shallow Nihilistic

Twana Unsworth
Lead Construction Mage Engineer

Female, Dwarf
Age: 42
Stature: Taut
Hair: Caramel
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin: Clear
Positives: Reflective Earnest Gentle Diplomatic
Negatives: Spoiled Pessimist Promiscuous Humorless

Maria Antenucci
Lead Materials Expert

Female, Troll
Age: 26
Stature: Hulking
Hair: Braids
Eyes: Olive
Skin: Loose
Positives: Imaginative Talented Providential Independent
Negatives: Unfriendly Captain Obvious Cocky Crude