Past Due So Fuck You

Debt Collectors Who Destroy The Lives Of Those Who Will Never Be Able To Pay Their Debts

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: June, 2021


Sandra Krikorian
Debt Collector Lead

Male, Troll
Age: 40
Stature: Full-Figured
Hair: Cropped
Eyes: Aquamarine
Skin: Flaky
Positives: Scrupulous Socially Aware Steadfast Respectful
Negatives: Plodding Vacuous Treacherous Nosy

Vermudo Oogusuku
Debt Collector Decker

Female, Human
Age: 22
Stature: Flabby
Hair: Wispy
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Dry
Positives: Enthusiastic Rational Reflective Reliable
Negatives: Vulnerable Skewed Priorities Distractible Criminal

Debt Collector Mage

Male, Troll
Age: 27
Stature: Bulky
Hair: Widow’s Peak
Eyes: Sky Blue
Skin: Uneven
Positives: Sage Careful Conciliatory Spontaneous
Negatives: Dependent Graceless Moody Presumptuous

Debt Collector Decker

Female, Ork
Age: 25
Stature: Bulky
Hair: Charcoal Gray
Eyes: Coal
Skin: Dull
Positives: Cultured Incorruptible Traditional Caring
Negatives: Ritualistic Trendy Vague Rigid

9 Millimeter
Debt Collector Former Mercenary

Female, Human
Age: 42
Stature: Slim
Hair: Shoulder-Length
Eyes: Onyx
Skin: Delicate
Positives: Humble Good Listener Educated Considerate
Negatives: Scheming Mechanical Absent-Minded Hedonistic

Debt Collector Former Black Ops

Female, Human
Age: 28
Stature: Large
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Obsidian
Skin: Flaky
Positives: Sweet Insightful Leaderly Faithful
Negatives: Slacker Melodramatic Nervous Crude