Barrier And Z Wall Construction, Able To Get Around Permit Process, Usually Hired By City

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: June, 2021


Harsh Mcmonigle
Construction Engineer

Male, Human
Age: 47
Stature: Chunky
Hair: Unkempt
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Skin: Flaky
Positives: Observant Decent Debonair Persuasive
Negatives: Jealous Egotistical Irresponsible Unintelligent

Gryta Ojima
Construction Mage

Female, Elf
Age: 29
Stature: Pot-Bellied
Hair: Cropped
Eyes: Glacial Blue
Skin: Mottled
Positives: Analytical Incorruptible Strong Optimistic
Negatives: Self-Indulgent Willful Charmless Lewd

Jazeps Tanis
Construction Worker

Male, Ork
Age: 28
Stature: Wiry
Hair: Shoulder-Length
Eyes: Denim Blue
Skin: Poreless
Positives: Driven Prudent Tidy Steadfast
Negatives: Vague Sly Crude Cynical

Han Kang-Dae
Construction Worker

Male, Troll
Age: 31
Stature: Generous
Hair: Wild
Eyes: Pewter
Skin: With Large Pores
Positives: Skillful Flexible Good Judge of Character Stable
Negatives: Hidebound Flaky Deranged Schemer

Etorne Amin
Construction Rigger

Female, Human
Age: 27
Stature: Stringy
Hair: Coffee Brown
Eyes: Pewter
Skin: Clear
Positives: Empathetic Felicific Generous Vivacious
Negatives: Artificial Humourless Disconcerting Pushy

Kathie Muresan
Construction Rigger

Female, Dwarf
Age: 23
Stature: Sloping Shoulders
Hair: Crewcut
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Clear
Positives: Understanding Vivacious Mature Sensual
Negatives: Ritualistic Dishonest Discouraging Decadent