Angela's Antiques
Team Of Amputee Former Mine Worker Reagent And Antique Specialists Who Use Steampunk Style Gear As Prosthetics To Move Around Their Enormous Warehouse

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: June, 2021


Margie Sudbury
Store Owner

Female, Gnome (D)
Age: 72
Stature: Taut
Hair: Straggly
Eyes: Sunny Blue
Skin: Loose
Positives: Decisive Helpful Tolerant Healthy
Negatives: Volatile Moody Indulgent Deranged

Corann Sophoulis
Store Security Mage

Male, Ogre (O)
Age: 38
Stature: Powerful
Hair: Black
Eyes: Emerald
Skin: Dull
Positives: Logical Sweet Patient Driven
Negatives: Reactionary Gruff Steely Brittle

Linsey Gunavamsa
Warehouse Manager

Female, Menhune (D)
Age: 43
Stature: Broad-Shouldered
Hair: Platinum
Eyes: Gunmetal Gray
Skin: Veined
Positives: Lyrical Dignified Charming Flexible
Negatives: Mannerless Clumsy Extreme Childish

Stepanie Bouzuki
Reagent Alchemist

Female, Gnome (D)
Age: 32
Stature: Powerful
Hair: Corkscrews
Eyes: Jet
Skin: Scratched
Positives: Responsible Witty Incorruptible Incorruptible
Negatives: Remorseless Crass Charmless Cantankerous

Haines Barczykowski
Antique Specialist

Male, Cyclops (T)
Age: 24
Stature: Short
Hair: Black
Eyes: Mocha
Skin: Smooth
Positives: Dutiful Inspirational Witty Kind
Negatives: Obsessive Rigid Power-Hungry Cowardly

Lilliam Kostanopoulos
Office Manager

Female, Nartaki (H)
Age: 28
Stature: Taut
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Fog Gray
Skin: Fuzzy
Positives: Athletic Honest Resourceful Helpful
Negatives: Temperamental Contemptible Fraudulent Vain