Specialists In The Direct Obtainment Of DNA Samples For Magic, Tracing And Cloning

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021


Bo Ting
Director Of DNA Research

Male, Ork
Age: 48
Stature: Sloping Shoulders
Hair: Fine
Eyes: Cerulean
Skin: Glowing
Positives: Loyal Companionly Providential Appreciative
Negatives: Erratic Sloppy Hostile Disconcerting

Cathman Howell
Former Assasin Sample Acquisition Expert

Male, Elf
Age: 34
Stature: Hulking
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Sienna Brown
Skin: Bruised
Positives: Urbane Helpful Heroic Innovative
Negatives: Coward Difficult Opinionated Narrow

Rivius Seong-Hyeon
Ninja Adept Sample Acquisition Expert

Male, Elf
Age: 29
Stature: Athletic
Hair: Charcoal Gray
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Weather-Beaten
Positives: Directed Focused Considerate Patient
Negatives: Arrogant Envious Confused Dull

Mina Samos
Street Samurai Sample Acquisition Expert

Female, Human
Age: 27
Stature: Taut
Hair: Charcoal Gray
Eyes: Emerald
Skin: Lined
Positives: Empathetic Sharing Active Empathetic
Negatives: Chaotic Miserable Intolerant Egotistical

Olga Kanady
Mage Sample Acquisition Expert

Female, Dwarf
Age: 34
Stature: Strapping
Hair: Messy
Eyes: Coal
Skin: Weather-Beaten
Positives: Many-sided Captivating Conscientious Solid
Negatives: Overemotional Disobedient Apathetic Perfectionist

Pandya Valvis
Micro Drone Specialist Rigger

Male, Human
Age: 54
Stature: Lean
Hair: Limp
Eyes: Coal
Skin: Loose
Positives: Tasteful Sporting Anticipative Fair
Negatives: Corrupter Righteous Contemptible Tease