Keeping The Lights On

Those Who Repair And Protect Electrical Conduits In Sewers

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021


Eudosia Mumtaz
Electrical Engineer
Female, Ork
Age: 35
Stature: Trim
Hair: Golden
Eyes: Sky Blue
Skin: Pimply
Positives: Precise Honorable Responsive Objective
Negatives: Quirky Procrastinating Evil Hypocritical

Kalyn Marsolais
Former Mercenary
Female, Human
Age: 44
Stature: Tall
Hair: Dull
Eyes: Lake Blue
Skin: Dry
Positives: Compassionate Observant High-minded Vivacious
Negatives: Spoiled Distractible Ruined Money-minded

Nikos Vallez
Shaman Conjurer
Male, Elf
Age: 36
Stature: Athletic
Hair: Lustrous
Eyes: Sepia
Skin: Freckled
Positives: Intelligent Organized Cautious Prudent
Negatives: Subservient Plodding Insensitive Sanctimonious

Jarrell Shakra
Mage Conjurer
Male, Elf
Age: 38
Stature: Large
Hair: Parted
Eyes: Electric Blue
Skin: Pockmarked
Positives: Balanced Reliant Athletic Seraphic
Negatives: Hypocritical Selfish Sly Pompous

Naina Lizarda
Former Street Samurai
Female, Elf
Age: 43
Stature: Obese
Hair: Luxuriant
Eyes: Gunmetal Gray
Skin: Luminescent
Positives: Spunky Passionate Gallant Winning
Negatives: Opinionated Sedentary Rigid Predictable

Andia Paneque
Construction Worker
Female, Ork
Age: 35
Stature: Chiseled
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Storm Blue / Storm Gray
Skin: With Large Pores
Positives: Knowledge Tolerant Clear-Headed Level-Headed
Negatives: Crass Conventional Gossipy Spineless