Trid And Sim #007

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: July, 2021

Burrow Battles
We didn't infect them, but we're going to let these little psychovirus infected prairie dogs go out as our warped god intended: Fighting!  The Isolation Dome is sealed, filled with fresh dirt and driller drone cams and were ready for round six!  Featuring the dominating greatness of Fuzzywinkles thus named as the result of our most recent Prairie Dog People Poll!  Want exclusive footage?  Visit our Prairie Dog People Patreon Page!

Quantum Count Contenders
Reactive String Pi Dynamic Squares turned three of last week's contenders into blubbering idiots, and with Relativistic Dynamic Figurative Logic Sequences on our next stream, the champion of champions will be decided what with the other contestants being the aforementioned idiots.  Who will go on to face the AI Remnant Blue 17, MIT Math Laureate Ena Tollenaar or MIT Math Laureate Genji Feerick?  Probably whoever still has the brain power to still spell their name correctly after this epic battle!  (Also, when did MIT Grads get so fucking hardcore!)

Neural Feedback Battleship
Split screen action at its best, watch the globe's greatest military strategists shit their pants (sometimes, literally) in a pain feedback battle of schemes to sink their opponents vessels before being rendered unconscious by their mistakes!  And this is no AR VR bullshit.  The opponents sit face to face and without those pussy sunglasses you always see at the World Series Of Poker.  Stream in for the real deal, featuring this week's main event between Algerian Commissioner Of Naval Operations Sharla Ijaz and Madagascar Naval General Khun Dedrick!