Trid And Sim #006

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: June, 2021

Were'd They Go?
Keep your eye on Team
Radical as they face Team Void in another round of teleportation capture the flag!  The new Get Gone arena is a massive 20 story web of barriers amid a network of over 200 cameras, and with the Where They'd Go? home game, you can play along!

Who's Outta Ammo?
See one of the greatest skills a runner can have tested live: The ability to know how many bullets are in a clip by lifting it up. And while maybe not the most thrilling of competitions, it is simply friggin’ amazing to see. The categories of clip and clip-and-gun have been joined with a bonus round in which a set of runners combat each other using the gun and clip combos they've judged to have to most remaining rounds. Stun ammo and stunned samurai as hearing that 'click' now sucks extra dick.

Loose Change
Take a break from your hectic life with the reality show voted 'slowest pace' on television.  Watch with patience as contestants from many walks of life compete to find, appraise and sell the coin of the stream!    The rarity of the1893 S Morgan Dollar is well known (well, by numismatists anyway) and contestants will be challenged like never before!  No shadowy involvement this time!  We hope!  Although that hasn't been working out!  At all!