Trid And Sim #005

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: June, 2021

Zombie Hunt
With Dark Vault still raising havoc and, of course, the dead, Season 2 of Zombie Hunt begins in Gettysburg, PA with over a thousand soldiers from both sides reconstituted, refleshed and brought back with the need to put them back down!  They will, indeed, be returned to their actual graves with respect, but these fast runners must first simply be brought down with reagent infused weapons and the will of the magicians and adepts empowered to use them!

Grudge Match
The show with a thousand variables, two runners have decided to take their differences in front of our cameras and go head-to-head in a setting and with the conditions of their choice. And, yeah, they get paid, but the grudges are real and with Ordinance 567.2A in place, perfectly legal, at least at the moment, should this turn into a death match! Consensual duels are kosher, my friends, and this steam's matchup between cyber fiends Sabrecleaver and Croaker in a bombed-out building should delight all! No holds, weapons or gear barred!

Mr. Santa's Combat Christmas Tree Decorating Special
Enjoyable at any time of the year, this collection of elite decorators knows what itís like to light under pressure, having established tree, dwelling and nativity displays in even the most war and battle torn places on earth.  And now they and their teams bringing battles to primetime to win prizes that benefit their respective organizations, only in surroundings with less artillery, and more vendettas.  But there are, indeed, weapons, nonlethal as they may be, and with a single tree to decorate between 5 teams, the action is guaranteed to get everyone involved on the naughty list.