Participant Entertainment #001

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: July, 2021

Homer's Run Bar And Grill: Baseball Bat Night
The event that's been made legendary, primarily by people with titanium skulls, baseball bat night is back. Now, yes, we have had to downgrade to aluminum little league bats after all the, you know, 'deaths', but now you can enjoy whamming the guy next to you ten times before he's out instead of five. Now in their new location, Homer's Run Bar And Grill seemed to be built with this night in mind. The bar consists of cells of 6 of 7 people, so when the bashing begins it friggin' ends before the whole place goes up. And, despite objections, stun countermeasures are in place if things get to the point that it becomes difficult to serve drinks. (Hey, corporate UCAS has your best interests at heart! And that's where ya get nailed: 20 beers and 5 ribs.). But where else can you legally hit anybody at any time with a baseball bat?

BlockChop: Neck Breaker Race
With a 20 kilometer course, and a turn at every block, this edition of the race is twice as long as the old and consists of 250 individual turns over 200 square kilometers of the Sticks. Turn off that grid link and throw yourself into a race that previously resulted in 39 arrests, 22 deaths and only 10 riggers who finished the race. This is about speed and control, not combat, so don't be a dick. Drones and hacked cams will bring the action to all 22 citywide BlockChop bars and 40 associated garages. 50 cover to watch at the bar, 1,500 to enter and now a prize of 125,000 for the winner, as well as a fully restored BMW Blitzen 2052 Limited Edition. And for second and third: Absofuckinglutely nothing! Well, except for the bragging rights that you were able to actually finish.

The Steel Focus: Blades And Barriers Bash Battle
Get to building that circle or lodge, pull out those power up spells, and get ready to back your chosen spellcaster in a Blade And Barrier battle for a 20,000 prize. Yes, it's a 1,000 cover to watch in person, but we got the whole center of the club open and clear for the action. The blades may be blunt, but the action is real, with each team focusing their energies on their chosen's speed, agility, armor and shields in a battle royale of incredible spectacle until only one team's fighter remains standing. Healers, of course, will be standing by, cuz the night is about skill, power and honor above all. And, of course, a variety of reagent infused ales and wines for those watching, all included in the cover.

Black Hawk Vineyard: Dragon Rides
If you want to meet a dragon that won't tear you to pieces if you try to touch it, let alone ride it, Black Hawk Vineyard is hosting dragon rides, courtesy of Nosor, voted Dragon of The Year by Dragon Fancy magazine and Man Of The Year by People.  The fee is 1,000 for a 90 second ride around a beautiful 10,000 acre estate and vineyard, with 50% of the profits going towards the Nosor Children's Charity.  A full evening of wine tasting is also included as well as a bottle of Limited-Edition Black Hawk Red, cured by dragon breath, a one of a kind memento from an evening you'll never forget!