Help Wanted #004

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: July, 2021

How about 400• for a quick drone scout?  Crazy dude I know insists he saw an alien spacecraft slam into the 50th floor of the Dansman tower.  Pretty sure the floor is unoccupied, but did try with another contractor and, well, his Condor disappeared.  So, maybe something with a little armor.  Odds are it's just Scutey messing with people with her weird ass round alien looking bug zapper creations again.  Anyway, just need some video.

The gargoyle statures on the roof of the newly leased Tower Of Jehovah have been sitting three per corner for years.  And the church really isn't keen on them being able there.  Now there are some rumors here and there than they come alive at night, blah, blah, but when aren't there rumors about gargoyles coming to life.  The end game is they want them removed, and while an chopper crew from Granitelligence has been secured to detach and remove the figures, the company itself is offering 2,500• to any combat runners they want to just kinda hang around in case something goes wrong.

Devil pigeons.  A fucking lot of them, with a few full fledge demon pigeons thrown in.  Needle shark beaks, infected and acid droppings and there's HUNDREDS.  A project to create a scraper top restaurant is on hold because workers and even many drones have been injured and destroyed.  Granted, it was The Summer Bear corporationís decision to firebomb the nests on the roof that started this thing, but business is business.  So were putting the word out that there's a bounty of 1• for normal pigeons (cuz there's a shit load of those, too) 5• for devil pigeons at 10• per demon pigeon.  Be sure to document you're work because you'll need some kind of kill evidence when everybody gathers together to figure out who killed what.  We already got a few on board, so you've got competition.  And, considering the damage already done to the roof from the ill-fated firebombing, no explosives or manipulation spells that may damage the structure.