Pinkslip Run: Shitcanned
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-05-31

Situation: Marvin St. James spent 30 years of his life working for Plant Simulated Paper Products, never achieving much in the way of personal advancement, but at least brining home enough money to cover the bills.  However, as Plant underwent a recent downsizing, the higher ups felt his lowly position was no longer necessary.  And, on top of being canned, the corp also found a loophole in their lay-off policy that allowed them to eliminate Marvin's severance pay.  Shortly after the cut, Marvin's wife left him and ran off with a local plumber.  Needless to say Marvin hasn't been in the best of moods and would like a little payback.

Goal: Not as simple as you might think.  Marvin wants the runners to find out the greatest fears of the company's two top officials, Alexander Nell and Mary Henderson.  He then wants the runners to override the company's elaborate security systems so that they trap these officials in their office and subject them to the fears previously mentioned.  In addition, Marvin wants the whole thing recorded on video.  As payment, Marvin will provide the runners with the location of a research mainframe inside the corporation which contains a pretty valuable cache of info.  He will also give them some access codes, although some of them will be out of date, thus requiring some decking.

Possible Routes: Getting the fear info is gonna be tough.  Simply waltzing up and mind-probing the officials might work, but both of the officials are pretty tough in the willpower department.  (If you want to make things even more difficult, make Alexander Nell is a medium level initiate).  A better bet may be some kind of background check.

The corporate compound layout isn't too complicated, consisting of two central 30 story high rises and two factory buildings.  Marvin will tell the runners where their offices are (one in each of the high rises) and he will tell the runners that they usually work late.  The R&D mainframe is located in one of the factories.  Security on all buildings is elaborate - but that don't necessarily mean they're good.  They have a lot of cameras, sensors, and whatnot, but their guards are undertrained and their magical support is often asleep.

Other Info: Since the runners aren't getting anything in advance, they may not be too keen on this run.  However, they do know that if the data isn't there, it won't be too tough to find and beat up Marvin (who spends his wretched days looking over his old pay-check stubs and weeping).