Extraction University
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1998-06-22

The only reason Janice Flemming is still in collage at the age of 24 is that she constantly fails all of her classes because she's constantly working on her own little scientific projects. Secretly she has been developing a new kind of particle acceleration weapon and although it currently exists only on paper she's one step away from being able to build an actual working model. How the government caught wind of this project nobody knows but they want her in their ranks badly, and would like the runners to extract her. There's just one little problem...

Janice is ALREADY working for a governmental agency, just not the one that now wants to recruit her. Rather than bringing her to their facilities they thought it better to just keep living undercover at her university until such time as the weapon is completed. The didn't think anybody else would catch wind of the situation. But, what Janice doesn't even know, is that they've planted undercover agents to keep an eye on her and monitor her research. When the runners decide to yank her they will be none too happy.

The runner's Johnson will set up a meet at a high class apartment where he/she and two government agents, Collins and Frey, will meet with the runners. Although the agents will address themselves as "governmental emissaries" they will not say which government they are working for. They will also not divulge excess information on the grounds of "security". They will also emphasize the fact that the runners may have to make their own decisions and judgements should things go wrong but, regardless of what happens, they want Janice at the truck stop by dawn the day after or night of the extraction. The basic plan is as follows:

#1. Kidnap Janice from her urban university.

#2. Snag all of her information regarding her project.

#3. Destroy all other copies in the university and burn down the lab.

#4. Deliver Janice to a set rural truck stop located just over the border of another country, probably a NAN.

The university is located within a city and is spread out over eight blocks, a grid of buildings intermixed with open spaces, walkways, etc. Campus security is lax and most are armed only with stun batons. During the day there is a lot of foot traffic while at night the roaming population is generally comprised of drunken students looking for a decent place to pass out. All buildings have a primitive access card security system which activates at 9:00 pm and there is a security guard stationed at every door. The Physics building is four stories tall, but covers nearly a block, and is a web of rooms and labs each with a varying degree of security. Some of these rooms are highly sensitive and may be equipped with virtually every type of non lethal security measure while others won't even have the doors locked. Janice's room has fierce security but, since she's in it almost all the time, it is usually turned off. There are no cameras in the building.

The truck stop is your typical rural hick pit and is located nearly seventy miles from the city.


Janice will be working with a friend, Danielle Selvin, who happens to be a fledgling mage. Danielle will defend Janice against the runners. If she is killed Janice will break into a rage which will not stop until she is sedated.

While Janice prefers to use good old pencil and paper for her calculations she also keeps a lot of data in a desk top computer in her lab. This computer has FIERCE internal security and the decker will soon realize that it's easier to rip out its internal storage drive than try to crack it. Janice will not divulge the passcode, especially not if Danielle was killed.

Once the runners torch the lab the haylon system will activate and immediately put it out. The runners will have to figure out a way around this.


Matt Stark is the commanding officer of a detachment of 5 undercover agents, at least three of which will be monitoring Janice when the runners go to extract her. Matt, himself, will actually be working with her in her lab. Once things start to go bad for the agents, which things probably will, they will notify their "employers" via a panic button. Matt actually has cyberware which notifies them of trouble should his vital signs flatline.

Upon receiving information of the extraction Commander Aiesha Clay will be notified. Through a incredible stroke of bad luck the truck stop the runners are bringing Janice to is located INSIDE the borders of the nation that is currently employing her. Aiesha will dispatch a fleet of two or three unmarked vehicles to intercept the runners about forty miles from the truck stop (Janice has a tracking beacon built into her skull). These vehicle will have a tough time with the runners because they can't actually shoot at them because of the possibility of harming Janice they can only try to run the vehicle off the road or try to blow out its tires. If the runners get past this, though, she has another surprise for them. (If the runners are using air transportation you can pretty much ignore most of this section).

Between the border of the two nations there is a bridge crossing a ravine with a creek running through it. As the runners approach Aiesha, in her personal Augler, will BLOW UP THE BRIDGE just before the runners reach it. And, although I hate railroading, this will cause the runner's vehicle to skeeter off the road and ram face first into a ditch, thus disabling (but not destroying) it. But, just as Aiesha swoops to pick off the runners, a fleet of rural police choppers will fend her off into her own territory.

Meanwhile, Devon Dallas and his crew of 4 or 5 special ops troops previously dispatched by Aiesha will be filtering into the ravine to search for Janice. If the runners manage to route them and make it across the ravine they will be able to get to the truckstop (which is only another two miles down the road) in one piece, save for a few possible paranormal animal encounter. Upon reaching the truck stop Janice will be taken into the custody of the two government agents the runners met with and will be whisked away. The agents will also provide the runners with a fairly nice vehicle they can keep and which will eventually get them home.


Odds are the rigger is going to want his vehicle back, the one that's currently sitting in ditch. You may want to make it easy on him/her by having them come across it on the back of a flatbed being hauled off to a junkyard. The driver of the truck will be more than happy to let it go for about a grand.


Janice Flemming

Archetype: Human Scientist

Information: Janice doesn't like anybody telling her what to do and even the deal she made with her government "employers" were on her terms. Needless to say when anybody does try to give her an order or force her to do anything against her will she'll lash out at them with great fury, although she possesses no real formal fighting skills. She's an extremely good negotiator and, when she's not trying to tear out her captor's heart, she'll make an attempt to strike a deal with them. Although her appearance doesn't suggest that she has money, the backing she's getting from her employers is financially immense and she can offer rather impressive bribes if it comes to that point.

Collins and Frey

Archetypes: Human Government Agents

Information: Government stiffs to the largest degree, Collins and Frey have virtually no personality and are a really bad source of detailed information about anything because, before a meet, the only info they posses is what's written on a chip each has inserted in their heads. After they're done talking about anything, they pop the chip out and destroy it.

Danielle Selvin

Archetype: Human Mage

Information: Danielle is Janice's best friend and has concentrated her magical skills in the area of manipulation spells. She has a keen understanding of chemistry and has developed several new manipulations spells which mimic certain chemical effects, such as an improved Acid spell and a variety of noxious gas related spells. Currently she's with Janice on developing a frightening spell called Fission.

Matt Stark

Archetype: Ork Undercover Government Agent

Information: Posing as a chemistry major at the university, Matt has done such a good job at concealing his identity that even Janice doesn't know that he's there to protect her. His right arm is a cyberarm with a built in shotgun and he also possesses a low grade military targeting computer. Much of his skin has been hardened to the consistency of stone due to multiple dermal enhancements and he has a pair of eye lasers with improved range and effect, thanks to his employers. He will fight to the death to protect Janice.

Aiesha Clay

Archetype: Human Military Officer

Information: Aiesha is a frightening lady, amazonian in size and possessing twin cyber eyes which are completely black. She's an accomplished rigger and is very good at gunnery, being able to pick off targets with a HMG as if she was using a sniping rifle. She also follows her orders to a T, willing to pull back at any time if her superiors tell her to. She handles her Augler like it was part of her, putting it through seemingly insane maneuvers, maneuvers that would get a less skilled pilot very, very killed.

Devon Dallas

Archetype: Elf Military Soldier

Information: Devon has had that weird color changing fiber installed in his SKIN as well as his armor, goggles, guns, and everything. Although he is magically active he never really studied the art and the only effect his ability appears to have is a mysterious ability to know exactly where his target is.