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Posted: 1996-11-25


Situation: XeresTech, an upstart cyberdeck firm, is about to undergo a grueling government audit due to their inability to manage even the most basic logistical and financial tracking procedures. The biggest of their worries is the fact that they forgot to track the sales of 150 level VIII cyberdeck CPUs, an extremely powerful kind of processor that could possibly be used for illegal decking activities. Even though the sales were entirely legitimate, the company has no documentation to prove this. And, being an upstart without any kind of extraterritorial rights, they'd better come up with some docs fast.

Goal: Obtain proof of XeresTech's legitimate VIII CPU transactions and generate a convincing record.

Possible Routes: Since XeresTech did have the competency to at least write down the names of the 6 corporations that received the CPUs, all the runners really have to do is find some kind of transaction record at each of the companies, copy it, and have somebody with a knowledge of business translate it into a decent XeresTech shipping record.

Other Information: Three of the companies (the relatively small ones) will provide the necessary info if the runners ask real nice. One other will require a simple decker data grab. The fifth company will be kind of fun: It went out of business 6 months ago and all of their shipping data is currently in hard-copy form in the basement of the former owner's suburban home (He's a raging alcoholic, so watch out). The last company is a toughie: Ares CyberDeck division, who isn't going to be all that keen on people asking about VIII CPU transactions, probably because they've been turning them into black market decks. Have fun.

Crash Of '62

Situation: The organization Digital Anarchy has devoted their existence to the creation of new and more destructive computer viruses. Unbeknownst to the rest of the digital-gang, a young elf member named Evans had been cultivating code snippets of the original Crash Of '29 virus into a completely new entity, nicknamed Crash Of '62. Evans' plan was eventually discovered and condemned by the rest of Digital Anarchy, since the last thing they wanted was the destruction of the matrix as it would effectively eliminate the purpose of their existence. Evans vanished a short time later, along with a chip containing the prototype virus.

Goal: Recover the Crash Of '62 chip and return Evans (and the chip) to the Digital Anarchy organization.

Possible Routes: Evans is smart - very smart - and will be tracking Digital Anarchy's actions from the beginning. When the runners are hired, Evans will know it and will make it a full time occupation to make the runners' search a pain in the butt. He won't cause any permanent damage, but he will create risky situations by screwing with communications, messages, and even stoplights from his ultra-equipped Prairie Cat home.

Evans is not a killer, however, and his 'toying' with the runners will eventually be his undoing. The only info the runners will have to start with is the address of Evans' old hacking buddy, Dev, but as Evans' mechanical mayhem increases in severity he will leave more and more hints to the fact that he is very, very close.

Other Information: Once the runners find Evans' base vehicle, he'll surrender and gladly allow himself to be taken back to Digital Anarchy. (He'll fry his vehicle before he leaves). Anarchy will welcome him back with open arms (hackers are weird like that) and the runners will be asked to dispose of the chip. If the runners try to keep the chip and test it, they'll discover that it contains nothing but a primitive recording of a Dukes Of Hazard episode.