Burnout - 501 Shadowrun Ideas
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1996-09-30

I came up the following ideas many years ago by flipping through a Wargames West catalog, writing down the titles of every non- Shadowrun adventure I came across, and then adding a short blurb on how it may work as a SR adventure. Now that I look back upon these I honestly have no idea what in the world was going through my mind when I wrote some of them up. Many do not even begin to make sense. There are also tons of misspellings and typos. (Many so entertaining that those along make this worth a read.)  Some are just plain stupid. In any case I present them, unedited, to those desperate gamemasters who are looking for something, anything, to turn into a run. Enjoy.

1.   Hallowed Ground: Take a sample of earth from spiritual lands
located deep within an enchanted forest.

2.   Hear The Rain: Search through Native badlands for the
mysterious Running Rain and obtain his secret of weather control.

3.   Truth: Gather video footage of a politician's nightly
excursions for his election opponent.

4.   Walking On Water: Eliminate a gang of assassins who's leader
claims to be Jesus Christ.

5.   Never Tell: Deliver a computer message from one place to
another and not tell it's secret when it accidentally goes off.

6.   Sweet Misery: Capture a man who has been magically inducing
suicide all over the city.

7.   A Fire Burns: Capture a professional arsonist before he
escaped to a different country.

8.   Almost: Find a way to eliminate a man who has the power to
act upon actions before they happen.

9.   An Interlude: Stop an assassin who is to eliminate a famous
conductor during the interlude between music.

10.  Field Of Mars: Protect a mars mission rocket from attack by
those who wish to steal it.

11.  Just For You: Deliver an exploding package to the four year
old daughter of a corporate official.

12.  Secret Corner: Shut down the Secret Corner bar which is
supposedly an establishment for drug dealers.

13.  In Your Eyes: A runner must locate the creator of an
exploding cyber eye and find a way to reverse its effects.

14.  Taken: Rescue a young girl from the clutches of a psychotic,
murderous go gang.

15.  Balloon Man: Stop the infamous Balloon Man before he give a
cyanide filled balloon to another child.

16.  Dear God: Close the gates to a supposed "Highway to Heaven"
for a group of Satanists.

17.  Stone Roses: Travel to a castle inhabited by a medusa and
destroy it.

18.  Fools Gold: Get revenge upon a small company who sold the
wrong group of tough guys land filled with fools gold.

19.  Time To Return: Rescue a group of commandos from the forest
where they are believed to be held captive.

20.  Wasteland: Journey through a nuclear blasted wasteland in
search of a radioactive orb.

21.  Shut Your Mouth: Frighten the hell out of a Yakuza boss and
explain that he should not mess with the mob.

22.  Killing Moon: Capture a man who kills only by the light of a
full moon.

23.  Orange Crush: Defeat the Orange Crush battle brawl team in a

24.  10 Past 8: Destroy a corporate warehouse at exactly ten past
eight P.M.

25.  Gold Canyon: Steal a large gold stone from an Native cave
and keep half the profits.

26.  Faith: Stop the onslaught of a Satanic group who believe
they cannot be killed.

27.  No Killing: Stop a group of 50 squatter from food rioting
without killing a single one.

28.  Boobytrap: Rig an entire playground with boobytraps designed
to eliminate children.

29.  Countdown: Stop a bomb from detonating inside a crowded
shopping mall.

30.  Fold: Protect a small town from the creatures which have
crossed through a hole in space.

31.  The Long Wait: Wait along a rural road and ambush a group of
illegal traders as the walk by.

32.  Transformation: Transport a man with a horrible
transformation disease to a major hospital.

33.  Blitzkrieg: Investigate activity at a go gang headquarters
unknowing they are about to attack en masse.

34.  Blind Game: When an EMP knocks out cyber eyes on a
investigative run what will the runners do?

35.  First Contact: Travel to the location where a mysterious
spacecraft has crashed.

36.  The Escape: Rescue a group of prisoners from a maximum
security prison.

37.  Blue Wind: Destroy a small nuclear generator which produces
a mysterious blue radioactive haze.

38.  Homecoming: During a homecoming dance, assassinate a
politician's daughter.

39.  Battle Cry: A powerful, but primitive, group of Native is
about to attack.  Stop them.

40.  Phantasm: Eliminate the creature which haunt a very old

41.  Big Brother: Someone is watching the residents of a town
block and want whoever is doing it brought to the police.

42.  Bursting Point: A powerful magical psychotic is about to go
absolutely nuts but must be transported to an institution.

43.  Paradise Lost: When a group of environmentalists lose their
land to developers they do not give up easy.

44.  A New Dawn: A man says he has the power to turn the world
into pure evil.  The runners know where he is.

45.  Battle Hymn: A group of rebellious trolls is about to mount
an attack.  Eliminate some of the group so it is not possible.

46.  Reckless: Capture an AWOL soldier who has fled into the
countryside with an appaloosa.

47.  Show Down: One man offers to pay a runner for an old
fashion, western gunfight.

48.  Wedding Bells: Extract a bride and groom during their
wedding ceremony.

49.  The Messenger: Keep a messenger from traveling from Los
Angeles to Seattle.

50.  Force Of Arms: Stop a go gang which has been menacing the
streets using heavy weaponry.

51.  Reconstruction: Protect a crew reconstructing a destroyed
oil pump from attacking environmental radicals.

52.  Tech Masters: Swipe a prototype microchip recently stolen by
a group known as the Tech Masters.

53.  Broken Heart: When a woman falls victim to a magical sadness
disease, the quickened spell must be eliminated.

54.  Rainy Nights: Find out why rain clouds keep coming from the
same valley in the mountains.

55.  Private Times: Break through shielding of a conference room
and record the conversation which is taking place on the inside

56.  Season's Greetings: Find out who keeps putting explosives in
children's Christmas toys.

57.  To The Stars: Protect the underground silo of an
experimental hyper space rocket from incursions.

58.  False Start: Race against a woman and document her cheating.

59.  Volunteers: Screw up the plans of a group of missionaries to
build a bridge for a village.

60.  Half Moon: When the half moon rises a call is made by a man
terrified by the creature the moon had brought.

61.  Danger Zone: Transport weapons through an area know as
hijacker's haven.

62.  Prelude To Battle: Intelligence reports a surge of weapons
into a bad neighbor hood. Get video proof.

63.  The Trap: Go into a compound after a group of other runners
and try to stop them before they enter a trap.

64.  Metal Fire: Stop a mage who has a spell which easily
ignites metals.

65.  Star Dust: Steal a vial of magical stardust from a magical
research facility.

66.  Outsiders: Get a band of bikers to leave town without
killing them.

67.  Deja Vu: Rescue a man from a time loop from within a
corporate facility.

68.  New Recruit: Show a wannabe shadowrunner the ropes and make
sure he gets killed by an enemy.

69.  The Chamber: Deliver a captured man into a chamber within
corporate grounds.

70.  Love Song: Kidnap a simsense star and deliver her to a
deranged man.

71.  Hunters: Stop a group of vampires who use a neighborhood as
their killing grounds.

72.  Mind Game: Kill a cop who uses mind games on other cops to
get his way.

73.  Crisis Point: Stop a gang war any way possible before it
erupts into full scale war.

74.  Day Dreamer: Deliver a man into the desert and help him find
his lost soul.

75.  Final Nightmare: Journey to the castle of the damned and
bring back scales from a black dragon.

76.  Catastrophe: When a 747 crashes the runners must steal a
shipment of drugs from within the wreckage.

77.  Invasion: Protect a town when it is invaded by a warring

78.  Lost City: Journey to an ancient lost city and bring back
proof of its existence.

79.  Soldier Boy: Find and retrieve a young soldier who is AWOL,
hiding in the woods.

80.  Survivors: When a boat sinks, rescue the political survivors
before the people who bombed them have a chance to return.

81.  Curtain Call: Assassinate a well known simsense star during
the grand finale of her performance.

82.  Hard Times: Convince a factory owner that he should hire a
special worker.

83.  Paper Hero: A news hero is found to be fake.  Capture the
media man who set up the fake.

84.  Eulogy: Deliver a eulogy to the site of a very important

85.  The Pit: Journey to the bottom of a pit to retrieve a
scientist's dropped instrument.

86.  The Secret Route: Enforce a fee that must be paid by all
before traveling through a secret passage.

87.  Fortress: Penetrate a makeshift fortress set up by a group
of psycho kids and administer a drug to them.

88.  Sandstorm: Destroy a creature which is causing a giant sand

89.  Separate Ways: Cut a man in two so the evil and good spirits
within him way separate.

90.  Metamorphosis: Deliver a drug into the depths of a riot area
to stop a horrid change to a person.

91.  Midnight Sun: Eliminate the lights surrounding an amusement
park which bother neighbors.

92.  Ghost Town: Find out why everyone suddenly disappeared from
a town.

93.  Frostbite: Deliver a man into a snowy region and leave him
for dead.

94.  Birthdays: Kidnap a group of babies who all have the same
birth date.

95.  Hired Gun: Take on an additional runner for a single

96.  Apocalypse Blues: When a radio prank develops fears of an
apocalypse, the runners must protect a street from looters.

97.  Cat Fever: A rare disease is mutating normal felines into
horrible creatures.  Protect residents from them.

98.  Cold: Restart an old electric generator which has been taken
over by gang members.

99.  Easy To Slip: Travel a hundred miles across an ice ridge to
rescue a corporate official.
100. No Shadow: When a murderous free spirit roams, the only sign
is its nonexistent shadow.

101. AWOL: The runners are hired by the UCAS military to go and
stop a band of AWOL men marauding the local countryside. 

102. AWOL Betrayal: The runners are hired to kill a band of
people who they say are AWOL and who they say are marauding the
local countryside.  The truth is that one man is a scientist who
does not want the designs for a powerful laser weapon to get out.

103. Thieves World: The runners are hired to infiltrate a
restaurant called Thieves World and to locate the kingpin and
bring him to their employer.

104. Past Lives: Hired to follow a person through the ultimate
gate of astral space.  The one which supposedly leads to
everyone's past life and report all he finds out. 

105. Day Of Decision: Hired to assassinate an old lady in a
nursing home.

106. March Of Eagles: Hired to patrol a length of trail where
eagle poachers have been shooting from.

107. Jackson's Valley: Track down a person in a small town who
keeps attempting to destroy the dam which keeps a river from
destroying the town.

108. Lace and Steel: Fight the queen of the Urban Combat Zone and
kill her.

109. Great Old One: Kill the oldest man on earth for the second
oldest man on earth.

110. At Your Door: Kill a killer which knocks on doors and kills

111. Mansion Of Madness: Rid a house of free demon spirits.

112. Fatal Experiments: Shut down a privet lab which does hideous
experiments on animals.

113. Blood Brothers: Kill your childhood friend who is a free
lance assassin.

114. World Killers: Destroy a company which dumps toxic waste for
a living.

115. Flaming Eye: Steal the prototype for a laser eye from a
large company.

116. Dark Cults: Bring in human sacrifices for a satanic cult.

117. The Hunter Plan: Destroy the Hunter drones wired with
explosives before he releases the upon the town.

118. Castle Keistel: Capture the old man who has been living in
the castle for over 100 years.

119. Solo Games:    Play the modern version of Russian roulette.

120. Views: Capture the man of eyes who has been selling eyes
filled with explosives to the public.

121. Rick Griffin: Capture the shape changing griffin before he
kills anyone else.

122. Heroes Of The Wargames: Hired to find the only men capable
of defeating the ultimate Battletech champion who have not been
seen for five years.

123. Second Earth: Destroy the organization of masochists called
Second Earth who wish to "refine" the planet for the purely

124. Hallelujah Anyway: A college fraternity wishes to get back
at another for a prank.

125. In Search Of Forever: Steal the research of a man who wishes
to combine Magic and The Matrix in a way that would allow

126. Solar Wind: Travel to the Atlas space station to stop
people who have taken it over and used a radar dish to "turn up
the heat" on Seattle.

127. Last Ship Home: Find and rescue the survivor of an old
secret crashed U.S. space probe before any other corps get to

128. Magnetic Storm: Destroy a fully automatic rail gun aimed at

129. Dream Makers: Close down a simsence facility which
brainwashes its customers.

130. A Closer Look: Steal the design for a Mag 5 eye through the

131. Showbiz: "Convince" a nightclub owner that it would be a
good idea to hire a rich guy's daughter.

132. Magic Realm: Go through the gate to where magic is the norm
and you must be special to go into regular space.

133. Longest Day: Go to the front lines of a real gang war.

134. Diplomacy: Peacefully convince two gangs that it is not a
good idea to kill each other.

135. King Maker: Steal the amulet from someone's privet
collection that signifies that your employer is the right king.

136. Squad Leader: Purposely lead a group of men into an ambush.

137. The Iron Cross: Steal a stash of solid gold German Iron
Crosses which have been added to a museum collection.

138. Code Of Bushido: Lead a seppuku ceremony and be the beheader.

139. Titan: Capture a runaway science experiment which is a large
mutated man.

140. Troll Gods: Get rid of the government of trolls which have
taken over a small town and made themselves gods.

141. Elder Secrets: Find the ancient elders who know all to find
the cure to the employer's daughter's disease.

142. Lost City: Search the jungle for an underground lost city
and bring back information on its location and content.

143. Firepower: Bring down a renegade in a tank in the desert.

144. Yellowstone: Track down someone who starts fires using
plastics and a remote control.

145. Knights Of The Air: Lead an air strike on a cooperate
chemical weapons facility.

146. Streets Of Fire: Fight with one gang to eliminate the other.

147. Hedgerow Hell Hotel: Burn down the hotel inhabited by

148. Raid On St.Nazaire: Raid the religious town of St.Nazaire
and capture the sacred skull which they worship.

149. Thunder At The Casino: Save the hostages taken prisoner at a
casino by a Ex-Military mad man.

150. Enemy In Sight: Quietly snipe off a leading politician.

151. New World: Protect a religious group as they trek deep into
Quebec looking for a mystical new world.

152. Dauntless: Stop a rich guy's son who is on his way to Dee-
Cee determined to rid the city of crime by himself.

153. Circus Maximus: Bring back a vile of life from the mystical
Circus Maximus which roams the desert.

154. Paydirt: Steal a lot of money from a rich guy's vault.

155. Stocks And Bonds: Transport a load of financial certificates
from one place to another.

156. Twixt:    Track a decker named Twixt and capture him for a
company he stole millions for.

157. Speed Circuit: Race a bike in the road race for a company.

158. Mechnoids: Obtain the plans to mechnoid robots and fight
some too.

159. Storm Bringer: Kill the man who has been bringing flood
weather to many farms.

160. Artifacts: Steal a truck load of ancient Egyptian stuff from
a museum.

161. Time Drifters: Protect a group lost in time as they make
their way back to a portal in exchange for technology.

162. Lindsey Gold: Bodyguard a star for several nights.

163. Rise and Fall: Help a tribesman become the leader of his
tribe and then assassinate him so he'll look like a martyr.

164. Dark Dreams: Follow a man's out of body body into astral
space and defeat the evil force which is giving him nightmares.

165. Fire & Fury: Stop an arsonist from burning down his
girlfriends house.

166. Tunnels And Trolls: Help orks get rid of some trolls who
have taken over part of the underground.

167. Eleven Lords: Assassinate the leaders of an eleven religious
group in Tir Tangire.

168. Treasure Vault: Get a pendent out of a vault of treasures.

169. Force Eagle's War: Destroy the AWOL Force Eagle air wing.

170. House Divided: Assassinate one family so that the other will
be able to have the house.

171. Deathwatch Program: Capture the member of a nightwatch
program who is using the protection to rob and kill people.

172. Rotten To The Core: Beat the hell out of a biker because he
won't pay his bar tab.

173. Into The Ruins: Take a magical sculpture from an ancient
city in Azlan.

174. City State: Assassinate the leader of a small city state
which has started in the Ozarks.

175. Over The Top: Assist a criminal's escape from prison.

176. Combined Arms: Make a weapons deal with an illegal company
and transport the shipment.

177. Fire In The East: Help fight a fire raging through the

178. Twerps Magic: Get a refund from a magician who is selling
shotty magical goods.

179. Lord Of Death: Get a picture of the leader of one of the
largest cults.

180. The Ork Beer Wagon: Protect a ork's beer wagon from

181. Men At Arms: Teach a group of wanna-bees to be real

182. Weapon Master: Deliver the design for a new type of assault
rifle to him.

183. Gadgets: Steal the design to one of the strangest toys ever

184. Enemies International: Go on a world wide assassination

185. Wrath Of Seven Horseman: Destroy the raiders of a small
country side village.

186. To Serve And Protect: Follow a group of cops and get
evidence of their wrong doings.

187. Voice Of Doom: Find out why there is a voice emanating from
a brick wall in a basement.

188. Atlas Unleashed: A real atlas mech is built and must be
destroyed before its creator uses it to destroy someone.

189. Star Hero: Rescue the Sonics star player before he is killed
by his captors.

190. Mind Games: Find out why a decker is tormented every time he
connects to his deck.

191. Classic Enemies: Receive a challenge from a defeated enemy.

192. Mystic Masters: Find them and get the spell formula for

193. Day Of The Destroyer: Stop a terrible creature formed on the
mages day of warship.

194. Invaders From Below: Find the queen of a colony of rockworms
and kill it.

195. Kingdom Of Champions: Join the group and bring back a
membership certificate.

196. Demons Rule: Exorcise a evil spirit from a young woman.

197. Alien Enemies: Fight a Predator colony on your terms.

198. Mythic Egypt: Enter a pyramid and bring back the solid gold
skull of an ancient mummy.

199. Claw Law: Journey the a region called The Claw and bring
back information on their culture.

200. Spell Law: Stop a project that would mean the end to all

201. Sailing: Sabotage the boat of the client's opponent's racing

202. Breakdown: Stop a important business man, who has gone
psycho, without harming him.

203. Rose Cafe: Deliver drugs to rose cafe and them screw them
out of their money.

204. Trouble: Break an important person out of a minimum security

205. Willing: Search the city for individuals who are willing to
become the host bodies for an insect shaman cult.

206. April Fools: Stop a group of pranksters who's tricks are
beginning to turn lethal.

207. Black Gold: Travel into the forest to a magical mind which
holds a stash of powerful, and evil, black gold.

208. Growing Into You: Track down the person who has embedded an
organic/mechanical creature into your client.

209. Homesick: Deliver a sasquatch back to his home, which has
been taken over by human bigots.

210. Keep It Up: Travel into a warehouse under siege and provide
support for as long as it takes.

211. New World: Blow up an entire city block for the New World
terrorist group.

212. Runaway Train: Stop a train which is rapidly heading towards
a downed bridge.

213. Somebody To Shove: Kidnap anybody and deliver that person to
a man who's ego is so bad it demands he have a slave.

214. The Sun Maid: Safely deliver a peaceful shaman across the
countryside without using vehicles, electronics, or violence.

215. Without A Trace: Track down a group of children who have
been mission for more than two years.

216. 99%: Take the last percentage of a crystal needed by a
company from an armed magical group.

217. Bad Luck: Transport a man who is prone to horrible bad luck,
over a far distance.

218. Born To Lose: Fix a one on one brawl so your client wins,
without the opponent knowing you helped.

219. Bye Bye Baby: Kidnap a corporate official's child from his
home and hold it for ransom.

220. Cold Feelings: Get rid of an ice creature which has been
inhabiting a store owner's freezer.

221. Ghost Town Blues: Take the remaining money from a vault in a
ghost town.

222. King Of Fools: Assassinate the king of an indian tribe for
your client.

223. Making Believe: Snap a guy back into reality by using
whatever means necessary.

224. Sometimes: Get aboard a ghost train which occasionally shows
up at a city stop.

225. This Time: Attempt to assassinate a man who always manages
to avoid the shot.

226. Her Beginning: Find the past of a young amnesic and report
it to the police.

227. 99 To Life: Eliminate a 99 year old man who continues to run
a large crime ring.

228. Hanging For You: Stop a woman before she hangs herself for
an ex boyfriend.

229. Just A Dream: Administer a nightmare drug to a high level

230. Pirate: Eliminate a pirate who constantly harasses shipping
on land, sea and air.

231. Question Mark: A man who thinks he's the riddler keeps
pranking the city.  Stop him.

232. Red Balloons: Stop a shipment of poisoned balloons from
reaching an orphanage.

233. Candyman: Find out who is poisoning children through the use
or candy.

234. Cannons: Fire off a group of well guarded cannons on a naval

235. Cities In Dust: Stop a magical onslaught which has the power
to turn cities into dust.

236. An Execution: Rescue a woman who is about to be executed by

237. Lands End: Travel to a place where a crevasse has opened up
revealing an apparently bottomless pit and find the bottom.

238. Lullaby: Place a hypnotic toy into a baby nursery so the
children will go nuts.

239. Party Fall: Crash a drug party and eliminate the people who
put it on.

240. The Dog: Find an innocent looking dog which is really the
good form of an evil shape shifter.

241. Sweetest Chill: Inject a man and his girlfriend with a drug
that instantly freezes their bodies.

242. The Unrest: Calm a squatter camp before they decide to riot
in the city.

243. Umbrella: Deliver a magical, and wanted, umbrella focus to
its owner.

244. Catapult: Take out a high tech catapult which threatens the
city and capture its creator.

245. Laughing: Deliver a load of laughing gas into the city
council's central chambers.

246. 9 To 9: Kill a dissatisfied workers slavedriving and mean

247. Morals: Capture a moral less killer who is responsible for
the deaths of many people.

248. Perfect Circle: Screw up a mage's hematic circle before he
has a chance to summon a powerful demon.

249. Walking: Eliminate the gang which threatens a walkway in the

250. Pilgrimage: Protect a group of religious people as they make
a dangerous pilgrimage for their god.

251. Radio Free Everywhere: Knock out a free radio station which
is operating illegally.

252. Shaking Through: Steal a corporate potion which gives its
assassins the ability to walk through walls.

253. Sitting Still: Petrify and lock the spell of a famous singer
so she can be a statue in a sicko's house.

254. Deadly Passion: Protect a professional singer from a messed
up fan.

255. Cherry Red: Add firepower to an attack of a car company to
steal a line of new vehicles.

256. The Next Stop: Stop a killer who knocks out the electricity
on trains and kills people.

257. Perfectly Strange: Find out what is causing the extreme
strangeness of a high level official.

258. Three Wise Men: Assassinate three men who are a symbol to
their religious cult.

259. New Tricks: Transport a sealed case of spell formulas out of
the area for later pick up.

260. Scene Of The Crime: Protect the scene of a crime from the
murderer who is very likely to return.

261. Silent Partner:  Find the story behind a guy who has been
following and playing mind games with a woman.

262. The Secret Garden: Find a hidden treasure within the depths
of a secret garden located by a mansion.

263. Leave In Silence: Take out a politician completely silently
without anyone noticing.

264. Monument: The city has just built a beautiful monument. 
Blow it up.

265. Meaning Of Love: Make a young woman fall in love with a
runner and then break her heart.

266. Nothing To Fear: Travel into the cave of fear and find out
what the "worst nightmare" is.

267. Sun & Rain: Blow up a weather control device which is
causing screwed up weather.

268. You Shouldn't Have Done That: Protect yourself from an
vengeful victim of a former run.

269. See You: Blind the entire staff of a large major mob

270. Satellite: Stop the launch of an important military

271. Photograph Of You: Get a series of dirty pictures of a
politition's daughter.

272. Farewell To The King: Blow away a king of a small country in
broad daylight near a crowd.

273. Cinderella: Take over a mansion and make your employer's
screwed up child a princess for a day.

274. Cascade: Protect a dam from the corporate mercenaries who
are out to destroy it.

275. Slow Drive: Steal the design for a space drive from a
corporate building.

276. Circle: Dramatically blow up the driveway circle at the
governor's mansion.

277. Carnival: Screw up a fine time at the carnival by blowing a
lot of things up.

278. Painted Bird: Steal a rare bird from a business man's
private collection.

279. Green Fingers: Kidnap a woman who is good with plants for a

280. Cocoon: Steal a strange cocoon from the depths of a recently
formed cave.

281. Universal Father: Assassinate a man who claims he is the one
and only god.

282. The Voyager: Track the movements of a voyager as he enters,
travels through, and exits the city.

283. Nothing To Stop: Stop an onslaught on a small house that
never occurs.

284. By Your Side: Become friends with a man and convince him to
come to a cliff with you and then push him off.

285. Deal With It: Kill everyone located within a known drug den
which turns out not to be that.

286. To Make Someone Happy: Someone wants the tail fin off of a
military jet.

287. All: Take an ancient pendent from the creature of all, a
small village.

288. Clean Sheets: Eliminate all information from a corporate

289. Iceman: Transport an ancient man frozen in ice to a magical

290. Pep Talk: Frighten a team into having better morale by
ambushing them and playing a game of combat basketball.

291. Van: Transport a mysterious van from one corporate facility
to another without the van transporting you.

292. Schizophrenia: One of the runners in infected with a schizo
disease and the runners must cure it.

293. All Over The World: Take dirt from five dangerous locations
all over the earth.

294. Shark Attack: Transport a chip to an island surrounded by
giant sharks.

295. Sweet Black Angel: Eliminate an all female gang which
continually steals from a corporate facility.

296. You're Not Leaving: The runners are taken prisoner by a
madman who will not let them go.

297. Binky's 7 Dreams: The runners have seven nights to get a man
named binky to a hospital and they encounter lots of trouble.

298. Sunflurry: A shaman has a new, powerful spell and other
mages want him dead because of it.

299. Taking The Plunge: The runners must kidnap someone from an
underwater facility.

300. Mardi Gras: Ruin a Mardi Gras party by blowing the hell out
of everything and kidnapping a politician and his wife.

301. Melt: Destroy an igloo village inhabited by your employer's
enemy tribe.

302. Obsession: Protect a singer against an obsessed fan who
specializes in creative harassment.

303. Fool Of Love: Convince a man who produces a love potion that
he should not produce it any more.

304. Glass World: Steal a special plant from the middle of an
enormous green house without damaging anything else.

305. Your Way: Under the direction of a cop, raid a mob's
headquarter's building.

306. There: Take a teleportation device from the man who invented

307. Mary: Kidnap a black nun from a heavily guarded religious

308. Magic: Deliver an incredibly powerful magical book nearly
half way across the country.

309. Happy People: Silently administer a happy drug into an enemy
gang without them noticing.

310. The Pain: Keep an annoying and dangerous man away from a
corporate woman without hurting him.

311. These Eyes: Take a model's beautiful eyes for a woman who
wants the best parts of other females.

312. Walk With Me: Stay with a man astrally as he takes his own
life and see where his spirit goes.

313. Step: Destroy a dance studio while the dancers are
practicing in it.

314. To Come Back: Rescue a man's body which has been on an over
the cliff car accident and bring it back to a hospital.

315. Anywhere But Here: An open ended run when the client just
wishes to be anywhere but where she is.

316. Bird: Eliminate a man's bird pests before they destroy yet
another crop.

317. The Absolute: Take out The Absolute, the pompous leader of a
mob group.

318. Fortune: Take a millionaire hostage and demand a load of
money for ransom.

319. Severance: Capture a man who your client hates and dismember
him ceremonially.

320. Song Of Sophia: Steal a new song by star Sophia and destroy
all other copies.

321. Spirit: Destroy a free spirit who continually harasses your

322. Garden Of Zeph: Blow the lid off of a Soulpa ring's peace
garden drug dealing cover.

323. The Host: Find a way to get the creature who has taken over
a man's body out.

324. Music: Take out a hypnotic band's instruments while they are
in their mountain cottage.

325. On Father's Hand: Get proof of a father's adulterous
activity on video tape.

326. Wilderness: Take a man who is horribly afraid of the foods
deep into the forest.

327. Closer To The Heart: Take out a vampire who has been
terrorizing a low class district.

328. Force Ten: Deliver a bomb found within the city to a far off
lake before it detonates.

329. Project: Keep workers from completing a low class housing

330. Marathon: Snipe off the client's competitors if they are
about to beat his just before they cross the finish line.

331. Mission: Travel to an old western mission and rescue the
girl who is held hostage there.

332. Red Sector: Take out a communist camp before they have the
chance to organize themselves.

333. Mystic Rhyme: Travel to a mystic water fall and recite an
ancient rhyme which will reveal a tunnel to treasure.

334. Subdivisions: Assassinate the sponsor of a bill which will
allow low class housing in high class areas.

335. Big Money: Steal the lottery ticket of the winner as soon as
he finds out that he won.

336. Time Stands Still: Take a time stopping device from the
scientists at a corporate facility.

337. Turn The Page: Steal the manuscript of a new book from its

338. Witch Hunt: Route out the supposed witches from a backwards
community and dispense with them.

339. B.C. Logic: Race to retrieve a piece of the holy grail
before anyone else does.

340. Attitude: Out of pure ego a crime family wants the entire
enemy family eliminated.

341. Games: Participate in a motorcycle brawl game for your

342. Two: Kill the Robert twin, but of course you can't tell them

343. Hitmen: Take the challenge of mob hitmen who say they are
better than samurai.

344. Top Secret: Steal a top secret government package as it is
transported from base to base.

345. Promised The World: Steal a series of five objects from a
man's son's friends because the kid is spoiled.

346. Absolute Power: Carry out the absurd request of a mad
mobster to eliminate all other crime organizations.

347. Brainstorms: Discover why a sect of an archology is having
bad dreams and then end their torment.

348. Failsafe: Launch a nuclear missile into the middle of the
oceans for a political scare group.

349. Final Frontiers: Steal the only original copies of the star
trek series.

350. Nice Dreams: Inject a politicians children with a drug which
will send them into a permanent coma.

351. Plastic Town: Steal a house from a town made entirely up of
plastic houses.

352. Return From Fear: When an unkillable creature escapes from
the cave of fear the runners must put him back.

353. Slaughterhouse: Travel to a cabin to bump off a bunch of
people only to find a horrible creature has beat you to it.

354. Powermad: Give a powermad person a direct feed into a
corporate facilities defense computer.

355. Test Of Steel: Defeat a man who can only be killed by an old
fashion sword.

356. Black Magic: Eliminate a magic user who openly proclaims
himself the ultimate mage and who kills innocents.

357. Feeling Better: Inject a special drug into the people a
corporation are holding in a coma stasis.

358. Incident: Produce some fake footage for a government plane
which crashed into a residential neighborhood.

359. Singing Winds: Capture some of the hypnotic singing winds in
a jar.

360. Conversations: Tape a series of incriminating conversations
between a politician and a foreign power.

361. Harbor Nights: Steal a police shipment of military grade

362. Heliopolis: Sabotage the massive heliopolis structure so it
screws up and causes a helicopter to crash.

363. Islands In The Sky: When a series of sky islands appear and
hover over the country side, attempt a manned boarding.

364. Latin Streets: Trace drugs back to the streets of Atzlan and
remedy the problem any way possible.

365. Morning Dance: Stop a ritual sorcery dance before they have
a chance to blow away a corporate official.

366. Old San Juan: Transport a man from atzlan back to the war
torn area where he came from.

367. Schu's Bar: Find out whether or not a bar is a drug

368. Seas: Destroy an off shore drilling rig which is slowly
poisoning the waters.

369. Serpent In Paradise: Eliminate a sea serpent which has
established its home in a resort lake.

370. Bite The Bullet: Donate a limb for a large amount of money
which will be replace later.

371. Dance: Shut down a string of drug dealing teenage dance

372. Dirty Love: Get on video the sexual relationship between a
corporate official and her mistress.

373. Fast & Furious: Do a lightening quick strike upon a drug
center and blow it up in less than thirty seconds.

374. Fire, Fire: Rescue a man who is about to be executed before
a military firing squad.

375. Live To Win: Take out the urban brawl champion who is
extremely concerned about security.

376. Reptiles: A simple call to a zoo about renegade reptiles
turns out to be a dragon fight.

377. Shot In The Back: Take out a man who has been traveling
through a mall and shooting people in the spine.

378. Chase Vs. Catch: Chase down a group of samurai who are out
to capture your shadowrun group.

379. The Hammer: Defeat a samurai known as the hammer and his

380. Caravan: Protect an old fashion medieval caravan from
attackers while under cover.

381. The New Wave Riders: Get the New Wave Rider's musical
group's dual life on video tape.

382. Love Alone: Slowly eliminate everyone from an apartment so
only the client remains and make it look like accidents.

383. Rock: Destroy a rock worm infestation from an artist's
sculpture without harming the work.

384. Second Nature: Convince a man who wants to and does kill
that there is a better way and if it doesn't work kill him.

385. Set Me Free: Rescue a woman from the dungeon beneath a
deranged man's castle.

386. Shot In The Dark: Knock out the lights at a bar and randomly
kill several people.
387. Road To Utopia: Help a group of religious travelers along a
dangerous road to where they say utopia is.

388. Very Last Time: Take a kidnapped girl to say goodbye to her
father before you kill her.

389. Make Me Crazy: Gas bomb a no weaponry bar with gas that
causes people to go nuts for several hours.

390. Don't Fear: Take a child through the most terrifying journey
of his existence.

391. The Reaper: Rescue a killer, know as the reaper, from the
custody of the police.

392. Morning Finale: Sleep with a woman, get it on video, kill
her, and place the tape and her body on her husbands doorstep.

393. True Confessions: Get a man's true confessions on video tape
before he blows his brains out.

394. No Summer For Love: Keep a woman kidnapped for an entire

395. Sins: Posing as a priest collect the sins of people on a
tape and give them to the police.

396. Vampire: Protect a vampire for several nights in his

397. Revenge Of Vera: Protect a husband from her samurai wife
when she decides to get back at him for cheating on her.

398. Word Salad: Gather the tongues of several selected creatures
from within the woods and give them to a mage.

399. Alison Hell: Figure out why children at an elementary school
keep turning up dead when it really a little demonic girl.

400. Crystal Ann: Stop a female mage from taking people and
turning them into crystal statues.

401. Human Insecticide: Take the formula of a new nerve gas from
a corporation and destroy it.

402. Buzzsaw: Fight the buzzsaw group in a deadly urban brawl

403. Schizos Are Never Alone: Experience the life of a
schizophrenic and give readouts from a datajack.

404. Annihilator: Stop a samurai who uses his own military
weaponry to blow away other samurai.

405. Alice In Hell: When the runners go to rescue a girl she is
transported deep into a hellish pit.

406. Wicked Mystic: Take out a circus mystic who places suicidal
suggestions into his customer's minds.

407. All Or Nothing: Get a woman five new luxury cars or kill her
by her request.

408. More Money: Stop a shipment of new bills from being
transported from Seattle to Washington.

409. Dumb Waiters: Disarm a group of bomb rigged and trapped dumb

410. Ghost In You: Capture a man who has the power to turn people
into ghosts.

411. Heartbreak: When a woman loses her husband to a mistress she
wants both of them maimed.

412. Heaven: Kidnap the leader of a white magical bar named

413. Sister Europe: Transport a famous star to europe to see her
sister who apparently wished to kidnap her.

414. Pretty In Black: Legally gain enough evidence to convict a
debutante of being a murderer.

415. Highwire Days: Capture a religious group who has taken up
shop on powerlines.

416. Imitation Of Christ: Steal what is believe to be a
photograph of Christ.

417. Lie My Way: Capture proof of a politician's lie about
cleaning up a waste dump on tape.

418. President Gas: Take the president of a toy company and
through him into a vat of "good gas".

419. Mine: Take the flag from a Imperial Guard naval ship for a
rich child.

420. No Easy Way: Travel from one side of a magical ravine to the
other to get a crystal but there is an astral barrier.

421. World As A Stage: Protect a singer as she travels on a month
long tour.

422. Anthem: Steal the original copy of the national anthem while
it is on tour in the city.

423. Snow Men: Take out a paramilitary group in the north who
specializes in snow combat.

424. The End: Take the stolen body of Jim Morrison and put it on
display in front of an important political building.

425. A Single Mood: Steal the design for a mood drug which
permanent locks a person in the mood they are in.

426. Find The Way: In the underground find a way to help an ork
escape through a series of dangerous tunnels.

427. Suite 666: Capture a prostitute who lures men in and then
kills him for black magic purposes.

428. Working Man: Protect a high level business man for several
days as he travels to and from work.

429. Lakeside Park: Snipe off joggers in the park so its
popularity will go down.

430. Something For Nothing: A poor woman asks the runners to rig
her neighborhood of the gang which marauded it.

431. Discontinued: Destroy the remaining stock of an action
figure so the existing ones will go up in value.

432. Disturbing The Peace: Disturb the peace and get arrested go
you can kill a man in jail.

433. XTC: Kill the five pushers who continue to deal the drug XTC
even they know it is mixed in a lethal way.

434. Falling Asleep: Find out why people in an apartment complex
fall asleep and never wake up.

435. The Organization: Take out key members of a yakuza family
for your employer.

436. Room With A View: Assassinate a man and his wife while they
are in their high security apartment.

437. Seemingly Endless Time: Time begins to slow for the runners
so they must track down who cast a time slow spell on them.

438. Veil Of Deception: Stop the member of a wedding who plans on
killing the groom.

439. Stop: Remove every stop sign within a district and mine
where it was.

440. Stagnant: Destroy the dam which keeps a creek stagnant and
is causing bacteria contamination.

441. Death Angel: An angel of mercy turns out to be an evil free
spirit and the church wants it gone.

442. Afternoons: Find out why a man kills himself every afternoon
at the same place.

443. Carol Masters: Destroy a man who has captured a bunch of
women named carol without killing the hypnotized women.

444. Fantastic Dream: Find the Dream Master who has been giving
people such great dreams that do not want to get up.

445. Dance With Me: Capture a male simsense star and force him to
danced with an obsessive fan.

446. Lady Bright: Retrieve the vaccine for a woman's strange
glowing skin disorder.

447. Come Home: Force an eighteen year old guy to come back and
stay with his parents.

448. Red Rose: Steal a red rose from the tomb of a dead

449. 20th Century: Wipe a library's computer record's of the 20th

450. Sensations: Take a man to a distant shadow clinic and get
offered new, sensitive skin.

451. Alone Again: Get video footage of a baby's abuse, not
knowing the parents are assassins.

452. Anything: Steal absolutely anything from a heavily guarded
art exhibit.

453. Girl Goes Down: Kill the girlfriend of a rival crime gangs

454. Portrait: Steal an expensive presidential portrait from an
art museum.

455. Psychmania: Steal a drug formula from a corporate facility
which causes psychosis.

456. Restless: Silence a creature which roams the sewers and who
most believe is about ready to take revenge.

457. Tightrope: Discover why all of the circus tightrope walkers
keep dyeing off.

458. Burn It Up: Inferno bomb a gasoline refinery in an attempt
to completely wipe out the entire compound.

459. Make Me Feel: Kidnap anybody so that person's tactile
endings may be graphed onto your client.

460. Who's In The House?: Find out what is haunting an old

461. A Far Cry: Travel to a far off place to deliver the Crying
Crystal to its rightful place.

462. Aqua: Get a sample of water from five secluded and dangerous
lakes from all over the continent.

463. Back In Town: Watch over a biker who is suspected of arson
and capture him if he does anything.

464. Don't Call Me: Guard a woman who is terrified from a series
of crank calls.

465. Crime Of The Heart: Help a woman who killed her husband's
mistress escape from the city.

466. Heaven On Earth: Plant a bomb in the middle of a utopian
bubble society.

467. Lay Down Your Arms: Take a challenge to break into a guarded
facility without any weapons.

468. Love Under Fire: Protect the society of love building from
constant attacks by a hate group.

469. Someday: Guard the musical group "Someday" against a group
of crazed fans.

470. Voice Of Reason: Try to end a long and bloody war between
two gangs any way possible.

471. Who Will Stop The Rain?: Break into a corporate facility and
steal the design for a screwed up cyber ear.

472. Working Man: When a working man is harassed on his way to
work he decides not to take it any more.

473. What You're Doing: Stop a psychotic mage which has boarded
himself inside of a corporate facility.

474. Take A Friend: Blow up the house and family of another
runner who is your friend.

475. Rivendell: Travel to a place on the river known as Rivendell
and rescue a kidnapped corporate official.

476. No One At The Bridge: Join a competition on an abandoned
bridge where groups of samurai battle it out.

477. Before & After: Destroy the food storage area for a squatter
camp and travel back later to guard it while it is fixed.

478. In The End: Travel to support a group of friendly samurai
only to arrive too late for the gang member onslaught.

479. Here Again: Yet another individual with the gone before the
bullet hits syndrome.

480. Fountain: Find out why people are disappearing by a city
fountain and destroy what is doing it.

481. Are You Real?: Rescue a downed military pilot who has gone
nuts and who thinks no other people are real.

482. Babies On Fire: Firebomb the baby section inside of a

483. Forever Mine: Kidnap an actress and then deliver her to a
magic user who will perform a physical bonding ritual.

484. Heart Of Stone: Track down and destroy a cold blooded killer
who has no pattern and who is merciless.

485. Holster: Deliver a shipment of trick exploding holsters as a
gift to an enemy crime family.

486. Sophisticated: Kidnap a city intellectual and extract
information about his now book from him.

487. This Strange Effect: Steal a load of BTLs from three gangs
and deliver it to a corp.

488. Altered State: Wipe the computer of a simsence company who's
chips give users enhanced abilities.

489. Arise: Steal the corpse of an man who recently died and
deliver it to a house.

490. Dead Cells: Rescue someone from a prison only to find that
all of the cells have dead ghouls in them.

491. Desperate Cry: Find out the secret behind the cry which
constantly emanates from the bottom of a ravine.

492. Infected Voice: Kill a murderer who's voice can be adjusted
to such a pitch that it will kill.

493. Meaningless Movements: During a ballet take out the lead

494. Murder: Must simply enter a man's house and thoroughly kill

495. Subtraction: Extract the secret of a scientist'z work from
either him of the computer.

496. Under Siege: Attack a highly guarded compound and steal a
jeep load of cold, hard UCAS cash.

497. Erotic: Shutdown a porn station who most feel goes way over
the line.

498. The Forever People: Kidnap one of the magically active
people in the Forever cult.

499. Sear Me: Assist a man in his gruesome suicide by helping him
set himself afire atop a political monument.

500. Silent Death: Steal the design for a super silencer from a
corporate facility.

501. The End: Rescue Jim Morrison's bones from a bunch of moronic grave