Power Junkies
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Posted: 1996-06-03

Looking for the ultimate BTL experience? The underground organization officially known as Pleasure Tech, but more commonly referred to as The Power Junkies, can give you the high to top all highs. For a relatively modest 10,000 NY and a few hours of you time you can get yourself an hour on one of their BTL mainframes. While identity security is guaranteed, living through the experience is not. But you'll die one happy son of a bitch.

Pleasure Tech was established initially in 2045 as a simple BTL operation by their founders, shadowrunners Trip and Bleeder. Initially Seattle based, their dealing domain soon spread to other sections of the UCAS and, surprisingly, a few areas of the Native American Nations. Although never the top dealers in volume by any stretch they were known for their high quality chips and secure operations. Their operation continued to grow until the year 2050 when, suddenly, they stopped all production and seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.

What Trip and Bleeder were actually doing was hiding out with friends in the Soux nation, all money being funneled into research and equipment for the creation of a new breed of BTL experience: The BTL Mainframe. Initial testing went badly, one accident resulting in the death of Bleeder when a power surge literally set his brain on fire. Trip continued development, however, and soon received aid from three of the top Soux simsense specialists who realized that in addition to illegal purposes, the BTL Mainframe may also have some legal and profitable ones. During this time Trip also made many friends with various civilian and government personnel from various Native American Nations. Finally, after nearly three years of trials, the BTL Mainframe was declared a success. After its completion Trip and most of his NAN colleagues made a formal split. Trip then returned to Seattle.

The first problem he faced when setting up operations was finding an electrical source which could supply the enormous amount of power the mainframes required for their complicated processors. Initial attempts to simply use available lines in a legitimate manner resulted in a police raid as authorities attempted to discover the reason behind one house's massive electrical intake. Trip escaped in one piece and began a search for those who had worked in his former operation. Almost all were more than happy to put their miserable lives as street dealers on hold in order to assist him. During the year 2053 and 54 they organized Pleasure Tech into its current form, a structure built around the need to steal electricity and not get caught doing it.

Pleasure Tech currently possess a fleet of eight landrovers, three Ares dragon helicopters, two trailblazer semis, and a nightrunner. Each is manned with a technician, rigger, and electrician. The technician's purpose is to make sure the equipment is running properly, the electrician is the one who connects the mainframe to its power source, be it underwater, underground, or suspended, and the rigger's job is to get the hell away quick when somebody figures out what they're doing.

Once the vehicle is at the power source the electrician hooks up the power and the technician begins running the BTL program. Although safer than street BTLs when something goes wrong with the Mainframe it is almost always fatal. The most common cause of death is when the power company figures out that they're being drained, cuts off legitimate sources momentarily and spikes the power levels. Although breakers within the mainframe will usually trip and cut the connection before damage occurs, occasionally one will get through resulting in a very depressing situation for who ever has to clean the vehicle.

Although actual experience is like none other, addiction is relatively low. It appears as if the experience may actually satisfy an individual's desire for pleasure for an extended period of time, and it is usually over three weeks before an individual gets a craving for another one. The mild addiction is primarily due to Trip's softening over the years, resulting in the lack of programming techniques traditionally used to keep people coming back. Only a small portion of Pleasure Tech's clientele are your typical street addicts, primarily due to the cost, and most are actually fairly well to do corporate types. Trips business associations with rather powerful individuals, along with the contacts he retains within the NAN, has resulted in few attempts of any strength designed to bring him down.


Archetype: Human Former Shadowrunner

Information: Although once a drugged up radical willing to take any risk for a thrill, Trip has mellowed considerable in recent years. He appears ten years older than his actual age of 35, speaks infrequently, and is perpetually worried about the condition of his operation. Trip appears to care about the condition of his "users" and is constantly working on safer ways to give his clients the ultimate BTL experience. Trip rarely leaves his apartment and usually sits around smoking cigarettes and monitoring the condition of his vehicles and clients from a central computer system.

Dan Jones

Archetype: Human Former Shadowrunner

Information: Since Trip's descent into near depression, Jones now runs more of the show then he does. Forty years old, with prematurely silver hair and a gruff voice, Jones worked closely with Trip during the early days of his traditional BTL dealing. They hooked up again after Trip returned from Soux and together they built Pleasure Tech into what it is today. Jones possesses a lot of technical talent and will often accompany a client in order to monitor the mainframes and tweak them to make them better.