Goat For You!

Small Take-Out Restaurant Window / Madame Chang, Human Restaurant Owner / Bias Against Customers Of ‘Chicken For You!’

Selling great leg of goat and other goat related eats, Madam Chang uses real meat, so prices are high and she sometimes has to hire a runner or two to guard her deliveries. Madam Chang sells from a window five meters down from ‘Chicken For You!’, and the tiff between Madam Chang and Chachici has gone on for years. When a potential customer approaches, they will begin their routine of each trying to book the eater while still being able to turn a profit. Even when customers aren’t around, Madam Chang, a Chinese woman in her 70s, will bicker back and forth with her nemesis, which is amusing to watch from afar as neither of them seem to be able to understand the other’s accent. So to connoisseurs of dialect who can actually interpret the rapid fire exchanges, it is one of the most amusing things they will probably see in their entire life. Trid of the two bickering back and forth has gotten so popular that people often make stopping by the restaurants to observe the two as part of their Dee Cee visit. It is when there is a large bundle of people that aren’t ordering that Madam Chang and Chachici unite and complete chew the lookie-loos a new asshole.

Chicken For You!

Small Take-Out Restaurant Window / Mr. Chachici, Human Resturaunt Owner / Bias against Customers Of ‘Goat For You!’

Mr. Chachici, also in his 70s and of Uzbekistani origin, uses real meat as well and the two could save a bundle by combining their shipments. But the rivalry cuts deep and now everybody should just be happy that they’re not spreading their own feces on each other’s windows. Most of Mr. Chachici’s jabs are oriented on how Madam Chang should learn to speak English, which, again, can only really be understood by somebody who can disciple uzbeckisenglish. You’d never guess that Mr. Chachici is so in love with Madam Chang that he spent his life savings on an ‘animated companion’ made in her image, it probably being the only time in history the factory had to create an elderly fuck doll. Not that Mr. Chachici actually has sex with it, he just talks to it, curls up in bed with it and..oh, fine: Sometimes fucks it.