Medium Fuel Station And Garage / Norbert Soukup, Owner / No Bias

In the world of 20, er, 80ish?  Whatever.  In the modern world of automobiles powered by multifuel, fuel cells, electric and other more exotic methods, getting good old gasoline can be a problem.  And with the number of classic cars dwindling each year and some communities outright banning classic combustion engines, not a lot of places remain to get good old petro. Norbert saw this, but felt that just being able to get gas wasn’t a big enough pull for customers who may have to drive a hundred miles to fill their tank and containers.  So he recruited a few aging mechanics over the matrix and crated Petrohaven, offering both gasoline and a full service auto shop specializing in classic cars.  Prices are steep, but the combination of general metahuman ingenuity, as well as a near million nuyen robot Norbert acquired which is gradually leaning the art of car repair through countless hours of data entry from old shop manuals and spec sheets, means that generally repairs are done right the first time.  The station also offers fluid changes and, as a little side business, counterfeit registrations and emission certificates.

Norbert Soukup

Archetype: Human Car Collector.

Leaving the bulk of the business to his well-qualified counterparts, Norbert is free to persue his hobby of car collecting.  His collection, hidden in the bottom two floors of a locked down parking garage, is vast and Norbert makes a few extra bucks by renting out the vehicles for films, or even runners under cover who need a matching ride.  A harsh negotiator, renting these beauties isn’t cheap and be prepared to lay out a deposit equal to nearly the entire value of the vehicle.  None of the vehicles are rigged, meaning that the driver has to rely on actually knowing how to drive.

Burning Rubber

Large Tire Warehouse And Garage / Selima Benbrika, Owner / No Bias

A chain of large chain of warehouses with on-site manufacturing and installation, Burning Rubber offers both street legal and restricted tires, only granting access to the latter to those with a proper license which – what luck! – are also available on-site.   Those with the right vehicles and attitudes may be offered the option of trying out a prototype set of tires and Burning Rubber keeps a database of highly encrypted sales data to locate vehicles matching the models needed to test a particular tire.  It’s for this reason why many runners won’t go near the place, despite the fact that you have more of a chance of getting your headware hacked at a Toys ‘r Us than someone getting into the database.  Those who participate in tests are usually permitted to keep the protoype tires so they can be tested for long term wear.  However, and I doubt anyone would think otherwise, if the prototype blows up and flips you…not their problem.

Selima Benbrika

Archetype: Dwarf Former Corporate Scientist

A former corporate scientist, Selima worked for a corp you could actually resign from (“StreetTech”) Selma took her knowledge of advanced polymers with her and almost immediate began violating copyrights in the shadows.  Rather than try to compete with her, or even simply take her out, the company offered to purchase the knowledge needed to create the latest tires, but still needs to pay a licensing fee.  Despite these twisted economics, everybody profits in the end and Selima has been able to go almost entirely legit.