Small Weapons Store / Kalisa Desmond, Owner / No Bias

Specializing in explosives, Kinetics has access to the latest grenades, missiles, ammo, plastics and just about anything else that can go boom.  Unlike most stores, Kinetics doesn’t maintain any kind of inventory, relying on their connections to have the weapons shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer, usually by anonymous drone.  The store itself is usually manned solely by the owner, who uses her computer skills to run background checks on anybody buying to make sure the buyer’s rep is solid.  Once approved, the buyer has access to terminals that allow the buyer to access to some or all of the catalogue of explosives that Kinetics offers.  Access is determined by rep and a membership fee that ranges from ¥5 to over a hundred grand.  These ‘diamond’ members have access to the catalogue through their commlink and are granted access to customization options as well as prototype designs.  If a customer is willing to pay enough, and the customer has been found to be solid, some explosives can be ordered and drone dropped in just over 15 minutes, assuming the manufacturer is local.  Regardless of what level the order is, the gear is top notch and incredibly reliable.  If you’re willing to pay, say, 50% over retail.

In addition to explosives, Kinetics is beginning to explore electrified weapons, such as shock gloves and prototype ‘shock grenades’.  When asked why she would make such a strange addition to her offerings, Kelisa will simply explain she was bored with really loud noises.

Kalisa Desmond

Archetype: Human Weapons Store Owner

Intuitive and professional, Kalisa has ultimate power to determine whether or not she’s going to grant some nobody who just walked through the door access to some or all of the catalogue.  Sometimes this determination isn’t necessary if the customer is simply ordering concussion grenades.  But for the good stuff, she uses her decking skills to pull every piece of history she can about her potential customer.  In addition to the background check, Kalisa uses her extensive background in psychology to ‘interview’ the potential and check for lies or other signs of possible malice.  Her generally perky personality cleverly hides the fact that she’s deconstructing you without you noticing.  Only about 1 in 50 customers are granted access to the full catalogue, meaning not everybody can buy a slice of C-32. 

Night Out

Small B&E Gear Store / Tamika Skiotis, Owner / Subtle Bias Against Orks And Trolls

Whether you’re picking a lock with a computer or tool kit, anybody involved in shadowrunning is at some point going to have to get through a locked door.  That is Night Out's domain.  And, hey, while you’re there pick up a full fiber Refractive Camo Suit or other near-military grade stealth technology.  But get ready to deal out some extra cred for such quality and availability.  Each item is acquired from the top manufactures in their respective industries, and each item comes with a ¥100,000 ‘guarantee’ that it won’t screw you in time of need.  (Of course, collecting on this policy can be difficult, especially if the malfunction resulted in your death.)  Prices are astronomical even before you start adding things like Untraceable Polymer Coating, which repels skin, hair and fluids (picture Teflon coated with Rain-X), as well as remaining fingerprint free.  Night Out also has an extensive offering of decking programs, and while ‘off the shelf’, they still come from the best manufactures.  And, on top of it all, Night Out offers security system testing services, perimeter penetration exercises and other products, many of which are subcontracted to runners.   And while the runners may get to play with all of the neat equipment during the run, they sure as shit don’t get to keep it.

Tamika Skiotis

Archetype: Elf B&E Store Owner

To get the bias business out of the way, the only reason Tamika doesn’t like Trolls and Orks is because they’re “too goddamn loud”.  And quiet is the way Tamika likes things.  People keep their voices down in the store.  The whole place is sound proofed and within this soundproofing is and even more soundproofed room where Tamika will lock herself in when she needs time to think.  And it seems to work.  Tamika pops out with new ideas on how to sustain supply sources, move money around, and all those little things that keep Night Out running.