Damn, That’s A Good Wiener!

Small Fast Food Restaurant / Azeem Delgado, Owner / No Bias

Azeem spent many years traveling vast lands before finally deciding, at age 87, he had created the ultimate hotdog. And he did. The things were great, and people flocked to the tiny restaurant to receive a 10 nuyen footlong hotdog in a napkin. No bun, no condiments and only the one napkin. Why Azeem decided upon this is focused, but wacko, as he felt the hotdog was good enough to stand alone and pure against the tyrant of big business ketchup, mustard and relish. Despite these self-realized mental issues, Azeem insists that he be the one to go back into the vault and grab the ingredients that he personally mixed and then bring them out to the…fuck..I don’t know…”wienierator”? Anyway, when Azeem or his mind goes, so does the business.

Azeem Delgado

Archetype: Human Restaurant Owner

So paranoid that the vault that holds his master ingredients is bank grade (and has 2 easily irritated trolls guarding it at all times), Azeem’s nearing mental collapse is eclipsed by the absolute, searing rage he feels towards the many condiment based businesses that have sprung up around his establishment. It’s not a bad idea, despite the fact that Azeem would never sell you a wiener again if he still retained his full memory functions, which he most definitely does not. And once he loads up the ingredients for the day Azeem is off to file lawsuits, scream outside of a condiment and bun establishment, or, occasionally hire gang members and even runners to rough up the offending businesses. But they stay in it. Just like that sweet wiener money, that bun money is hard to let go of. (Jesus, I actually just typed that sentence.)

Maximillian’s Metals

Medium Store / Max Maximillian, Owner / No Bias

With over 40 individual safes in an already secured modest sized storefront, Maximillian’s buys and sells not just minerals, but also reagents and other exotic materials, gems and stones. All are sold by the cubic millimeter, with some of the rarest reagents fetching hundreds or even thousands of nuyen per measure. And Maximillian doesn’t even gouge. You can expect a fair payment/price for whatever your transaction involves; Not the best, not the worst, and no negotiations. Buried at the end of a winding alleyway, even getting in the door is an ordeal as the customer is locked in an ‘airlock’ of sorts while they’re scanned, sniffed and otherwise examined for weapons, explosives and the like. You’re actually allowed to have it all in the store, however, as the exercise is more to alert off-site security that they may need to fire up some of the sentry guns hidden throughout the location. The layout itself is much like a museum, with all but the rarest materials on display in everything-proof transparent safes. Maximillian has also insured that his small staff is all magically capable, sort of a boring job, but with great pay.

Max Maximillian

Archetype: Human Store Owner

Cursed, in his mind, with mundanity, Max long sought out a way for him to be involved in the magical world, finally landing on the acquisition of minerals, reagents and other rarities. In addition to travelling the world himself, Max will often send some of his staff to handle the light work, because it gets them in the sunlight, gets them some training and prevents them from being bored to absolute fucking death by staring at tiny little cubes all day. Stoic and to the point, it’s not that Max lacks a sense of humor, it’s just that he’s set his standards unreasonably high considering the number one stream in the UCAS right now is the Butt Network. Max will always give you a fair, no nonsense deal or trade, and he’s about reached the end of his rope when it comes to people trying to negotiate anyway.