Top Shelf

Small Bar/ James Harbolt, Owner / No Bias

If you can afford a ¥150 shot of booze, and you don’t cause any trouble, you’re welcomed at Top Shelf.  Dealing exclusively in rare hard liquor, the bar features hundreds of choices of the hard stuff with prices for the super rare reaching thousands of nuyen a shot.  The bar itself consists of a lot of, well, bar, with the feature wrapping 180 degrees around the establishment allowing for all choices to be seen, with the exception of several ultra-rare varieties kept in a safe.  Though there’s never been a reason to use them, a set of titanium shutters are ready the safely drop and protect the bar’s inventory.  Featuring only a few small tables in addition to the bar, there is also a small nook where there is almost always a performer playing acoustic classics.  The many bartenders a Top Shelf are as knowledgeable as can be expected considering they can’t exactly go around sampling booze that runs a grand a shot.

James Harbolt

Archetype: Elf Bar Owner/Adventurer

James started his first booze business when he was 7, stealing shots from his parents’ stash and selling them to local street kids.  Now 30, James now owns 10 locations across the UCAS and possesses liquor so unique that dignitaries and heads of state often order from him.  James is only actually at his stores a few weeks out of the year, spending the rest of the time traveling the world in search of new blends. While present, James will usually take the ‘stage’ and relay his most recent exciting adventures.  Never one the sweat the small stuff, James has an up-beat personality and a feels blessed (by actual God god) that he’s remained safe throughout his journeys.


Archetype: Ork Courier

Often contracting with runners when additional security is needed, Jacob hand delivers the most expensive of liquor purchases to their destination and has accompanied James a handful of times during his expeditions.  A quick witted negotiator, Jacob is like a walking travel agent, always able to track down the best (and safest) lodgings, mode of transit, etc.  Should trouble arise, Jacob is quick to run since engaging in a fight won’t get his delivery to its terminus any faster.

The Food Bunker

Medium Supermarket / Mariann Noboa, Owner / No Bias

While most chain stores have long since pulled out of Z rated districts, Mariann saw instead an untapped market.  She saw a population desperate for a location outside of Stuffer Shack that provided a more robust choice of options, as well as simple ‘luxuries’ like real meat.  The secret to Food Bunker’s success lies not in the store itself, but the considerably larger warehouse attached to it, allowing Mariann to buy in bulk like the big stores and pass on the savings, not that Mariann is concerned about a massive profit margin.  The market itself protects itself primarily by having a lot of front end security to weed out the miscreants before they make it into the store.  Windowless and constructed out of reinforced concrete, the location also maintains a small contingent of drones and a few gel-loaded HMGs on pop-up turrets.  The warehouse is like Fort Knox, build strong and secure to prevent any damage during the occasional food riots that roll through the district.


Archetype: Troll Security Specialist

Half decker/half rigger, Bull has a lot on his hands handling security for the Bunker.  On a really bad day, he’ll be calling in reinforcements for his front line, spinning up drones, and operating the facilities remote weaponry all at the same time.  Focused and grim, Bull would be much happier with his job if the owner would allow him to use real bullets.