The Den Of Blood And Iron

Large Hard Core Metal Club / Koreneva Vladimirovna, Owner / Strong Bias Against Posers

Well, let’s start out with the mandatory ‘first blood’ cage match all new patrons must endure before even being allowed access to the club.  After a sometimes lengthy wait in a line, each person seeking entry must fight an existing member of the club, or occasionally, a ‘featured fighter’ employed by the club to rev up the crowd.  Candidates must only draw a single drop for entrance, assuming they don’t get sliced up trying to get it.  You see, the club fighters get to stab, punch or kick you and draw as much blood as they want.  Of course, the fights are almost always stopped before somebody gets killed, but it’s one hell of a way to try to get exactly the right crowd for the club.  After a victory, the patron is sent a key to their commlink they can use to get straight through an additional entrance without getting beat up again.

Built into the shell of a former warehouse, it looks like somebody robbed several tennis courts of their chain link fences and just dumped them into the middle of the five story building.  This has created a unique viewing environment for live acts (primarily the house band Beatdown) with room for a pit, but also multiple levels more adventurous fans can climb upon to see.  Due to the level of noise, nearly all patrons find it necessary to communicate exclusively with commlinks and/or messaging so they can hear over the screech of some of the hardest metal you’ve ever heard.  Even the bartenders use computer displays so patrons can get a simple drink without blowing out their vocal cords.  Blood And Iron‘s light show is spectacular, primarily consisting of brilliant lightning effects which, well, sometimes strike a patron, but it’s doesn’t really hurt more than getting zapped with a taser.

Carved out of the warehouse is also a back area with winding hallways and secure, pay by the minute rooms that can be used for, as far as the manager is concerned, anything as long as no shit is flung the club’s way.  Only physical weapons are permitted in the club.  If you have any guns, best to leave them in your car.  The Den Of Blood And Iron doesn’t have weapon check.

Koreneva Vladimirovna

Archetype: Ork Club Owner

After Koreneva’s Russian club network was wretched from her hands in a bloody gang takeover she hopped on the first plane to the UCAS and, using the tens of millions of dollars she had hidden during her downfall, set out to rebuild her network in a new country.  Currently, she only has the Den Of Blood And Iron, and has actually backed off her plans for additional clubs because she’d rather expand the one she has.  While never they're never actually on site, Koreneva has managed to get additional protection from both criminals and cops by entering an uneasy alliance with a Russian mafia gang that wasn’t involved in the coup. 

Koreneva is almost indistinguishable from one of her patrons having heavy, shredded (but armored) garbs, sporting bio-tattoos on her face that change pattern from time to time, and always carrying a pair of saps in case she needs to fight her way back to her office.  Koreneva always gives the first impression that she is completely care free, but start to pester, over negotiate, or simply get annoying and she will happily drop you from the 4th level box seat/office where she conducts much of her business.  It’s not a fatal fall (with all of the chain link it’s more of a slide) but usually stands as a clear indication that she’s gotten sick of your shit.


Archetype: Dwarf Former Mercenary

A popular ‘featured fighter’ Shelia was originally part of her mercenary’s employer's attempt to create the ultimate, well, “tank” of the tank and spank.  Her skin was strengthened and then more was added on and…well…then the unit went bankrupt, leaving behind their half-finished bio-projects.  Thankfully for Sheila, and kind of a bummer for the mercenary contractor because they were on the verge of a great discovery, the skin eventually molded to her body and, while Shelia does look a bit bulky compared to your standard dwarf, she can take a combat knife slice up to a centimeter deep and not bleed.  Sheila is usually deployed either by special request from Koreneva, or anytime some dumbass shows up for the 10th time trying to get in and they don’t want to hold up the line.


Hard Core Metal Band

Consisting of Goliath (Troll, Male, Vocals/Bass), Thirteen (Ork, Female, Vocals/Guitar), Brazen (Human, Female, Vocals/Synth Axe), Rankle (Elf, Male, Drums) and Mortem (Human, Male, Synth), Beatdown is the regular house band for the club.  They a nearly always the opener for main acts, as well as the closers if the main act sucks and gets chased off the stage by angry Metalheads.  Beatdown has done an excellent job over the years sensing the mood of the crowd, and playing exactly the kind of music needed for that mood.  Aside from security, Beatdown is the only other entity in the club that can carry firearms, although most are filled with rubber bullets.  While most carry concealed pistols, Goliath brazenly preforms his acts with two shotguns holstered on his back.