The Greenery

Medium Herb Garden Greenhouse / Diana Riccardo, Owner / No Bias

A greenhouse built into the jagged eighteenth and top floor of an apartment building that was once twenty stories tall until a bunch of runners blew part of it up, The Greenery specializes in personal herb gardens, instruction, and supplies.  While a majority of her inventory is inert, the owner also has a walled off and warded personal garden that would probably blind any magician who decided to perceive it astrally.  In this special garden, herbs and small plants are grown from soil that, in itself, could act as a reagent.  But what Diana has discovered is that the carefully cultivated plants grown in it are nearly twice as powerful as the soil itself.  These plants are sold to only a few select clients who are also often provided with the means to start their own magically infused herb garden. 

Diana Riccardo

Archetype: Elf Shaman Herbalist

A generally elegant, kind spirited and soft spoken individual, Diana was raised in a native tribe that, unfortunately for her, felt that nature should be left to its own means, repeatedly stunting Diana’s desire to cultivate plants of her own.  The tribe was militant in this respect, feeling that the alteration of nature was an abomination.  After one of her secret herb gardens was found and destroyed by her tribe members, Diana split for the city, changed her name, and slowly scraped together the business she runs today.  Dressed in overalls while working, and street clothes when she’s not, the only indication that she has shamanic heritage are the few scented herbs she wears in her hair.  Despite the rejection of her tribe’s ideals, some of the militant nature remains, inasmuch as her overalls are armored and she carries a heavy pistol hidden on her at all times.  Her background training becomes apparent when threatened, and while she only knows very few combat spells, she is very adept at using them to full effect.  (Oh, and she’s also a crack shot with the gun.)

Good Eats

Small Diner / Mathis Masago, Owner / Extremely Strong Bias Against Firearms And Drugs

A rare beacon of hope in the depths of the barrens, Good Eats is a common place for runners, Johnsons, fixers and just about everybody in the biz to have a good meal and work out a deal.  Individual booths are separated by partitions, and white noise and 1950’s Doo-wop emanates throughout the joint. The exception is the bar (a diner bar, not a booze bar) which is generally peopled by those down on their luck and hoping through conversation or coincidence they land a job.  Ironically, the location is visited fairly often by local cops looking to pick up a pastry, although even the cops can’t bring in their guns.  The diner has been robbed twice, each time resulting in the death of an assistant manager.  However, the fate of the assailants were much worse and legend persists that one of them is being tortured by some of the patrons to this very day, although the crime occurred years ago.

Mathis Masago

Archetype: Unknown Race Diner Owner

Some believe that Mathis doesn’t even exist, as he has never once been seen in the diner.  He (or whoever) hires his assistant managers over vidless commlink, and the assistant managers hire everybody else.  The staff is paid remarkably well, although all are informed of the risks involved in working at a location that only has its reputation standing between themselves and a .45 caliber slug.  The only true window into Mathis’ character is the mantra affixed as a sign on the front door that simply states: “Play nice: You don’t want me showing up. – Mathis Masago.”


Archetype: Human Waitress

While it isn’t exactly a policy, the staff generally knows better than to get involved in the activities of their patrons.  Pauline, a wide eyed, energetic, girl-next-door beauty finds herself occasionally skirting this line, as she often shares her extensive knowledge of the area’s architecture with interested parties, not in the pursuit of a pay day, but simply because she loves to talk about buildings.  Pauline is a skilled artist, but unfortunately there isn’t much of a public market for near photo quality renditions of area buildings – inside and out.  Her artwork is generally in a portfolio which she carries wherever she goes and she refuses to accept anything but a pittance of cred for her work.  Of course, she will often receive a monster tip, which she gladly shares with the rest of the staff.