Snakes are specialists at navigating extremely small areas, such as ductwork and piping. Their bodies have been malnourished and structurally altered to such a degree that the widest point of their bodies may be a mere 20 centimeters in diameter. The location of their arms and legs are often forced inward, often to the point that their shoulders actually extend from the middle of their chests. Some Snakes have had their arms and legs replaced with limbs that contain as many as ten different joints, allowing them to maneuver their limbs with freedom even in the tightest of spaces. Needless to say, Snakes are extremely fragile people (if you can even still call them that) and can usually be killed by a simple punch to virtually any part of their body. Most are also insane and kept under control through the use of headware or drugs. They are deployed much like machinery, and are often carried in ‘cases’ to the site of a run.


Diseases are carriers of contagious and ultimately fatal illnesses who are employed as assassins. They attack their targets by biting them, bleeding on them, or, sometimes, simply breathing on them. If the Disease isn’t killed by the target, they usually commit suicide after their job is done (although they may first try to escape so the victim won’t be able to learn the exact nature of the disease). Corporations often use low class hospitals or shelters to recruit Diseases, frequently hacking into medical records in order to locate individuals with fatal illnesses. As an incentive, corporations usually offer payment to the Disease’s next of kin, occasionally even delivering on their promise. Since many people with fatal illnesses are also stricken with despair and suicidal thoughts, Diseases are usually fairly easy to come by.