NPCs From Hell #003
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1997-11-24


Salamanders are usually elite undercover corporate agents whom the corporation has deemed way to valuable to allow to die. Their bodies have been modified with an enormous amount of life sustaining cyber and bioware, allowing the Salamander to keep functioning and survive even when horribly wounded. The installed ware includes hyper-experimental equipment that clots wounds, regenerates organs, stimulates damaged nerves, and so on. Many salamanders also have bioware that functions as redundant organs, including (it is rumored) multiple hearts. Many even have zipper like patches of skin that allow the agent to do emergency surgery on themselves if the need arises. Their vehicles are usually equipped with an array of replacement organs which can be ‘installed’ in a very short amount of time. Salamander agents are usually extremely intelligent and vastly experienced, and many are in their late to early forties, having engaged in their work for at least 25 years. The name ‘Salamander’ is derived from their tendency to leave behind organs, and sometimes even limbs, that have been damaged beyond repair.

Nil Cleaners

Nil Cleaners are your conventional cleaners taken to an extreme. They possess the most advanced forms of acids, bio-breakdown chemicals, and other nasty substances designed to leave absolutely no trace of a body. The bio-breakdown agents are biological in nature and, when sprayed on a corpse, they eat away all flesh, bone, blood and so on, leaving only dust as a byproduct. Nil Cleaners are also specialists at finding creative ways to administer these chemicals from remote locations, and many are equipped with Vehicle Control Rigs for the purpose of sending in drones to do their dirty work. Perhaps the most horrifying of a Nil Cleaner’s ‘toys’ are an array of nano-robots (machines that are nearly molecular in size) which decent upon a corpse en-mass and tear it apart, cell by cell. It is a truly nightmarish sight to see a body seemingly disintegrate before your eyes.