NPCs From Hell #002
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1997-07-07

Life Wasters

Life Wasters have a rather broad, yet simultaneously specific job to perform: They are hired to ruin a personís life. They are hired to ruin it on every level, in every way imaginable. They will corrupt a personís personal records, get them fired from their job, burn down their house, kill their relatives, place them in constant fear for their life, and remove all hope of ever obtaining happiness again. One thing a Life Waster will never do is simply kill the person. That would defeat the whole purpose of their job.

Life Wasters tend to be extremely sociable, yet internally bitter people. They have countless contacts and contractors, all of whom are hired separately for separate purposes, purposes which eventually add up to the destruction of the targetís life. Rarely do the individuals hired to perform duties such as hacking, arson, murder, etc. know of each otherís actions and, for the target, it simply appears that total strangers, perhaps even the entire world, has suddenly risen up against them. The Life Waster simply coordinates all of these activities, usually without ever meeting the target in person.

Life Wasters usually receive an enormous amount of money up front when they are hired, sometimes amounting to tens - perhaps even hundreds - of millions of nuyen. When a Life Waster takes on a job it is understood that the job is not finished until the target dies of old age. Occasionally, a Life Waster is even forced to hire individuals to keep the target alive if it seems that outside forces are working to kill it. Some of the more devoted Life Wasters make the destruction of an individualís life a full time job, living their own life for the sole purpose of ruining anotherís.


The ultimate voyeurs, Eyes have molded themselves into the ultimate spying machines. Their extensive cyberware consists almost entirely of information gathering gear, almost all of which has been concealed and miniaturized so well that even the most elaborate security scanners cannot detect it.

Hidden within an Eyeís body are countless recording devices, many of which are experimental and not normally available on the market. One such device is a sensory pad in the palm of the hand that is rumored to be able to access the thoughts of an individual who shakes the Eyeís hand by accessing the brain through the targetís smartgun link. Certain electro-magnetic devices have been rumored to be able to sense data if itís being processed in an internal math processor, combat computer, etc. In short, you should watch what you say, do, or even think around these people.