Old School/New School: Evolution Of The Game
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1996-06-03

Street Samurai

Old School: Ingram Smartgun

New School: IPL CMS Offensive/Defensive/Refensive plastique grenade reflecting fifty clip ZL23HG5A1 Ares-Kruddlemunk pedestrian fryer smartgun 2 -4 modifier laser amplifying targeting linked cross tracking dweenle attachment. Firearms Target of -18.


Old School: Jackrabbit.

New School: Citymaster 2050k runflat enhanced turbo engine with triple plastic explosive armor rating of 16 and dual popup rotary rocket autocannon launchers beltloaded sensor 6 floating sealed ejection cockpit. Top speed: 3294 kph.


Old School: Fuchi Cyber 4.

New School: MPCP 16 enhanced attack Friendly Puppy blaster sleazed internal quad speed upload sideloaders decrypting 12000 mp in 1.1 nanos backed with bod hardened sensor seeker hitcher sat link, and don't you dare say I bought it off the shelf.


Old School: Manabolt and an Air Elemental

New School: Take a right at the Metaplane of the Infinite Stromboli, past the Metaplane of Helga, to the Big Flashing Metaplane of Neon Pandas. Tell the watcher "Mel" sent you.


Old School: Wired 3 and cyber eyes.

New School: Tactical field enhanced communications comm scrambled HD DC LM PhD systems with head enhanced bio dio double bubble neuro enhancement actuation doplingers so my firearms is a 16 and reaction a 44.


Old School: Bio what?

New School: Ok, so my punch connects? Ok, let's see, that's Strength M, so that's a base of 6M with the enhanced muscle stuff that's 9M plus the titanium stuff so that's 12M or something plus I put these studs on my knuckles so that's 14M and four successes is 14D but remember I dipped my hand in that dikote and it hurt but that raises it to 16D plus........

Destroying A Vehicle

Old School: Assault Cannon.

New School: 1/2 armor + 2/3 damage + 1/16 barrier divided by the relative humidity so, yes, your palm pistol took out the panzer.


Old School: Extraction.

New School: Contact the Vagrant Of Thebes via encrypted telecom, get the fifth piece, take it to John the Hardy Englishman on the first flight out of Sea-Tac, passports will be with a tall dwarf named Spuk, give him a noogie, take the L32 Tube from Heathrow to the Tavern of Butt, give the man in plad a high-five and say, in Greek, "My mother likes pink aardvarks". Give him the piece, he'll pass on the Mystical Round Box, take it to Atlanta to a man named Fudge and kick him in the ass three times, and when the Susan B. Anthony dollar pops out of his mouth take it to.....

Necessary Gaming Materials

Old School: Shadowrun 1st Edition, dice, ash tray.

New School: Shadowrun 2nd Edition, sixty other books, pewter figurines, half a million dice, battle mat, overhead projector pens, internet printouts, PC running EZ-NPC character generation software (version 1.4), laser printer.


Old School: Bartender

New School: Fixer, Armorer, Squatter, Snitch, Firefighter, Mob Don, Assassin, Terrorist, Taxidermist, Bus Boy, Stuffer Shack Owner, Semi Ballistic Pilot, Military General, Current CEO Of Renraku, God.

PC Jumps Off Twenty Story Building

Old School: You're fucking dead.

New School: Hydraulic jack = -4, cyber wings = -3, foot rockets = -6, cyber parachute = -3. Target to live = 3? Fuck it, you're dead.