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Posted: 1996-10-23

Current class offerings of Big Al's School Of Shadowrunning and Bowling Ball Repair.

School Of Melee

MEL101 Basic Melee Training
Using your fists, why it's always nice to have a knife, why it's nicer to have an sword.

MEL150 Intermediate Melee Training
Why it's even nicer to have an axe.

MEL210 Advanced Unarmed Combat
Going for the face.

MEL211 Advanced Blunt Weapons
Going for the head.

MEL212 Advanced Bladed Weapons
Going for anything.

MEL300 Monowhips
Going for your own face.

School Of Projectile Weapons

DISSOLVED (due to lack of popularity)

School Of Firearms

FIR101 Basic Firearms Training
How to load a clip, which way to point the barrel, how to fire a Warhawk without cracking your forehead in half when the gun flies up due to recoil.

FIR150 Intermediate Firearms Training
The concept of automatic weapons, learning to fire off massive amounts of ammo without necessarily hitting anything.

FIR210 Advanced Pistols
How firing two of them simultaneously makes it difficult to rotate your wrists in the morning.

FIR211 Advanced Rifles
How to get them through security by using the "Goin' huntin'" excuse.

FIR212 Advanced SMGs
How, despite what the movies show, your clip tends to last less time than it took to load it.

FIR213 Advanced Assault Rifles
How leaning on your AK with the barrel in the dirt is a good way to lose a hand.

FIR310 Sniping Weapons
How to lose friends and honor by shooting people in the back from nearly a kilometer away.

FIR315 Grenade Launchers
The best way to cause enormous collateral damage AND call the cops at the same time.

FIR320 Light Machine Guns
An introduction to excessive firepower.

School Of Gunnery

GUN101 Basic Gunnery
Where the engine of a vehicle is located, why you should shoot this engine, why you should not shoot this engine with a gunnery weapon while the cops are around.

GUN150 Intermediate Gunnery
Introduction to the concepts of "hosing" and "body count".

GUN210 Advanced Machine Guns
Finding some place to hide them, finding out that they are large and that it is difficult to find a place to hide them.

GUN211 Advanced Assault Cannons
Saying it with sabots.

GUN212 Advanced Missile Weapons
The concept of "fragmentation", why AVMs are called AVMs, why these AVMs do not hit people, why these AVMs usually hit the warmest target behind the people, why this target is not necessarily something you want to hit.

GUN310 Vehicle Weapons
Why you can't just carry them around, hitting moving targets from 15km away.

School Of Explosives

EXP101 Basic Explosives
How to not blow yourself up.

EXP150 Intermediate Explosives
How to blow up everything but yourself.

EXP210 Advanced Grenades
The concept of "scatter" and why this is bad. The concept of "chunky salsa" and why this is good.

EXP211 Advanced Plastique
Molding your explosives into hilarious bunny shapes.

EXP300 Large Scale Demolitions
Finding the basement.

School Of Athletics

ATH101 Basic Athletics
How to fall properly.

ATH150 Intermediate Athletics
How to fall and still be able to fire your gun.

ATH200 Advanced Athletics
How to not fall at all.

School Of Stealth

STE101 Basic Stealth
Why dry leaves are bad.

STE150 Intermediate Stealth
The best way to silently scale a building while hauling fifty kilograms of weaponry.

STE200 Advanced Stealth
Why it's best to leave the fifty kilograms of weaponry at home.

School Of Medicine

MED101 Basic Biotech
Introduction to the Stim-Patch.

MED150 Intermediate Biotech
Introduction to the Trauma-Patch

MED200 Advanced Biotech
Why neither a Stim or Trauma-Patch works on an Assault Cannon victim.

School Of Computers

COM101 Basic Computers
Where the switch is.

COM150 Intermediate Computers
How there is always somebody with a better deck than you.

COM210 Advanced Programming
Searching through 50,000 lines of Attack Program code for the one glitch that allowed that Blaster to stomp your face in last weekend.

COM211 Advanced Decking
Why red nodes are a bitch.

COM310 System Infiltration
Disguising yourself as a piece of fan mail to Renreku's CEO.

COM315 Combat Decking
Kicking butt in the matrix in less than a nanosecond.

School Of Electronics

ELE101 Basic Electronics
Why getting shocked is bad.

ELE150 Intermediate Electronics
How the one door your really, really need to get through will always have a lock that none of your three hundred tools will work on.

ELE210 Advanced Surveillance
Why pictures of a top corporate official having intercourse with a hooker and various other forms of life are worth a thousand nuyen.

ELE211 Advanced Jamming
Police bands, corporate sat links, and your enemy's favorite radio station.

School Of Magic

MAG101 Basic Magic
Exciting new ways to lose consciousness.

MAG150 Intermediate Magic
Why getting your spells locks blown isn't fun.

MAG210 Advanced Sorcery
Burning, blasting, and transforming your way to a large ego.

MAG211 Advanced Conjuring
Why conjured spirits are not necessarily your "pals".

MAG310 Astral Space
And you thought there was scary stuff on this plane of existence...

MAG315 Initiation
Wonderful ways to make people really, really, really, afraid of you.

School Of Vehicular Science

VEH101 Basic Vehicles
Why a red light does not necessarily mean you have to stop.

VEH150 Intermediate Vehicles
Why a barricade does not necessarily mean you have to stop.

VEH210 Advanced Ground Vehicles
Avoiding speeding tickets, avoiding highways, avoiding traffic jams, avoiding the laws of physics.

VEH211 Advanced Aircraft
Seattle to San Fran in less time than it takes to spit on the floor of your favorite bar.

VEH212 Advanced Marine Vehicles
Introduction to the existence of large, scary, ocean going creatures who have tentacles as long as five of your boats put together.

VEH300 Rigging
How to jump an opening draw bridge, land vertically, roll eighteen times, tumble into the water, float down the river, wash up on the bank, get out, and remark: "Damn, scratched the paint."