Killer Pizza Jumpies
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1996-10-07

The following is an excerpt from a speech given by The Grand Master Of All That Is Great And Swell And Doesn't Make Any Sense for his faithful band of eight followers all of who deducted profound meaning from it and said it gave them the secret to immortality, although it should be noted that the lot of them were killed in a tragic sloppy soy accident later that same evening.

Here on the land we stand in all funness and gazing upon everything there is to gaze I remind myself of quotes unheard by many people regarding future and past of the world at present and which emerged in manifested state in the following: "He who lands on the barrel of SMGs big and black are certain to following demise under the land should they participate in unnatural feeding." Easy it is to find that from words such commanding it is known that life in its wholeness is nothing less or more or equal than a load of cat litter unemptied for weeks. Deeper digging simply discovers that every meaning unheard and found is pink and fluffy under certain lighting conditions. Taking quotes more unheard my mind reaches far to recall ancient sayings sometimes booked like rabbits under street grates one which of is here for us to play: "Teaching is like knowing only backwards and on Sundays slightly rigid." Ahhh, wisdom flows unlike and similar to a river rolling through massive hilly spaces not until before reaching current urban environment where time and smokestack understand termination and force pretty naturality into bleakness not unlike that of prime time trideo. But analysis premature of words ununderstood take life from fantasy and may cause premature hair loss. Dividing philosophies in parts unto we discover quite quick that A: Backward retrograde is needing in balance lest we enter prisons made of rotting swiss cheese, and B: Slamming in times of trouble extreme when more trouble equates to a troll's behind is a rapid acceleration against and above eternal retardation. Salami being an example most fine we look to see grittiness, and if perceived are provoked to elongated tooth grinding. If such actions are carried into time eating multinationality it doesn't take an idiot to conclude that A: Independent marketing of sharpened mental preoccupation isn't accomplishing a mountain against a marshmallow, and B: Such nonexistent preoccupation would result in many times happy, as well as lower gas prices. But if we are to conclude that everything so undumpable is to pile into a muffinous state we must explore life and, most of all, the Zippo corporation. Thank thee I for attention gained via speaking and I wish thee all a new set of snow tires.