Not So Famous Last Words
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1996-10-07

Street Samurai - "Sure, my dermal can take a Panther round."

Rigger - "Think we can make the drawbridge?"

Decker - "Good, only Whites."

Former Company Man - "Could you let me in my old office for a sec? I think I forgot my stapler."

Gang Member - "This ain't your turf, Sammy."

Mercenary - "Missile schmissle, we've got ECM."

Shaman - "Great form Wasp spirit, I command thee to....uh oh."

Mage - "I'm feeling a little woozy from all this conjuring but, what the hell, one more.."

Tribesman - "I don't give a damn whose archology this is, I want you all off my land by the count of ten!"

Detective - "Looks like he's dead."

Bodyguard - "Stand behind me."

Armorer - "I ain't never see one before but, hell, how tough can it be to defuse a nuke?"

Club Habitue - "Wizzer gun you got there Mr. Nasty. Can I touch it?"

Corporate Official - "You tell those Renreku morons that they can just kiss my ass."

Corporate Scientist - "Why is this fizzing? This shouldn't be fizzing..."

Policlub Member - "Tonight we paint "trog" across the Big Rhino."

Dock Worker - "Frank! FRANK!!! I'm losing my grip!!!!"

Elf Poser - "Has anybody seen my right ear?"

Government Agent - "I'm giving you to the count of three and then I'm coming in!"

Mafia Don - "And just who put the horse head on my pillow?"

Mafia Soldier - "Bring it on, ya friggin Yak!"

Newsperson - "Ok, now get me some shots of the Samurai."

Paramedic - "Well here's the problem! He's got a chunk of C4 sitting in his brain!"

Pedestrian - "Oh, shit. Not again."

Snitch - "I swear to GOD I never even MET the guy!"

Store Owner - "I'm sorry, but we use a time lock on our safe."

Taxi Driver - "Aw, what the hell, I'll let you sit up front."

Street Cop - "Freeze!"