Antiarchtypical Verbiage
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1997-12-01

A couple of things youíll probably never hear these archetypes say:

Street Samurai - ďMan, I hate cyberware.Ē

Rigger - "So, which oneís the gas pedal?"

Decker - "Uh, I canít find the Ďoní switch."

Gang Member - "Should I bring my knife?"

Mercenary - "I canít remember which is bigger, a hold out pistol or a Pather cannon."

Shaman - "Fuck my totem, I wanna create a Zombie."

Mage - "Great Bunny Spirit, I call upon thee to..."

Tribesman - "I think William Jarman was the best president who ever lived."

Detective - "Damnit, I forgot to check for fingerprints."

Bodyguard - "You go first."

Armorer - "So this trigger thing, it makes the gun shoot?"

Club Habitué - "Whereís Club Penumbra"

Corporate Official - "So this CEO guy, is he in charge of anything?"

Corporate Scientist - "H2O, H2O, what the hell is H20...."

Policlub Member - "Iím gonna grab a bite to eat at the Big Rhino."

Elf Poser - "Elves suck."

Mafia Don - "I kissed you on both cheeks just because I liked you."

Mafia Soldier - "Tell the Don to kiss my butt."

Paramedic - "Heís got this weird red stuff all over him."

Snitch - "Sorry, canít tell you that."

Store Owner - "90 percent off everything in the store!"

Taxi Driver - ďI just love other drivers."