The Munchkin Quiz
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1998-11-23

1. While running through a wretched, rat filled alley you come across a loose acquaintance who has been badly wounded in a gunfight. At the end of the alley a car pulls up containing numerous individuals who voice their desire to finish this acquaintance off. You decide to:

A. Fend off his adversaries in the name of Runner Solidarity and honor.

B. Call the acquaintance's fixer, asking for support, and notify Doc Wagon to come and provide medical assistance. You then leave because, even though you know the individual is in peril, it's a dog eat dog world and you are under no obligation to get involved.

C. Take his stuff.

2. After years of running, you finally score and complete a 2 million nuyen run. You use the money to:

A. Buy a nice house in Hawaii, remove some of your more irritating cyber, and retire in comfort.

B. Upgrade all of your cyberware to beta, install some more components designed improve your efficiency and abilities, bribe a few people into being your friend, and look for another run.

C. Replace your skull with one large enough to contain a third military grade targeting computer.

3. During a run in Dee Cee, the ghost of Dunklezahn appears before you. He tells you he's only been granted a few moments to spend in the real world, and gives you the opportunity to ask him any questions you wish. You...

A. Ask him deep philosophical questions regarding death, the afterlife, and the way going through these stages affects a being's retrospective impressions of their former existence.

B. Inquire if he happens to need a group of runners to avenge his death.

C. Yell at him for not putting you in his will.

4. A cop suddenly pulls out from behind a building, fires up his sirens and lights and attempts to pull you over. You:

A. Pull over because you know that if a cop was after you for anything important, he would have called for support.

B. Accelerate to 210 kph and try to out run him, because you're not interested in taking any chances.

C. Turn the turret 180 degrees.

5. While preparing to board a plane at SeaTac International you manage to set off a metal detector. Knowing that you have about 15 seconds before security arrives en-masse, you decide to:

A. Wait calmly for security to arrive and arrest you. You then use your one phone call to notify your decker that you need a power failure in Concourse D right away, a quick wipe of the security buffer, and a compass error on your plane in order to delay it's departure.

B. Kneecap the guard with your pistol, jump through a window, and hide in the plane's landing gear compartment.

C. Detonate the 10 kilos of C-12 you hid earlier in the men's restroom.

6. It's rush hour on Route 1 and your car blows a tire. Having only 10 minutes to reach a 500,000 nuyen run, you opt to:

A. Change the tire in a normal fashion, knowing that your driving skills should allow you to make up for lost time with little or no problem.

B. Carjack the first vehicle you see.

C. Breath a sigh of relief because your tank doesn't even have tires.

7. During a run on a high-tech R&D facility you make off with the only existing prototype for an extraordinarily powerful and destructive, yet light weight and concealable laser weapon. You know that a weapon of this type will give whomever owns it an unparalleled advantage in combat since it makes all existing armor obsolete and exceeds the range, power and accuracy of all other weapons on earth. Realizing this, you decide to:

A. Destroy the weapon before it has the opportunity to disrupt the delicate balance of power that exists in today's world.

B. Take it to a range for a few hours, then destroy it.

C. Take it to a park.

8. While shopping for Sloppy Soy at your local Stuffer Shack a group of gang members starts to rough up the store owner. You:

A. Utilize your Taser and Stun Stick to bring down the gang members and then watch over them until the cops come to pick them up.

B. Beat the living tar out of the gang members and then watch over them until an ambulance comes to pick them up.

C. Fill the gang members with several kilograms of lead and then leave before the janitor comes to clean them up.

SCORING: Give yourself one point for every time you chose A, two points for every B and three points for every C. A score of 8-13 means that your are not munchkin material. 14-17 means that you have to potential to become munchkinized, so perhaps you need to chill next time you go gun shopping. A score of 18-24 means that I would personally punch you in the face if you ever got anywhere NEAR one of my gaming sessions.