Originally a stunning blue/green waterfall flowing down the side of the Columbia River Gorge in Tir, after the awakening the falls began expel blood of unknown type at tremendous temperatures, shrouding the falls and accompanying bridge in deep steam and mist.  A few fringe religious groups declared the blood to be that of Christ, feeling that the second coming was at hand and the falls were a definite sign of the apocalypse.  Meeting at the bridge over which the falls partially runs, the groups declared that the blood of Christ would cleanse them of their sins.  The first volunteer casually approached the waters and stepped in.  Loudly, she shouted that the waters were ‘healing her soul and absolving her of her sins’.  She came out the other side looking younger, more vibrant and speaking of the tremendous weight lifted from her heart.  Other members didn’t wait another second, dashing under the falls.  About half were instantly paralyzed as the water stripped their skin away, then muscle, then bone in a horrific display that lasted nearly a minute.  The other half made it through without incident, their souls cleansed and hearts lifted.  The groups pondered the situation for a bit before coming to the conclusion that those who were destroyed had been ‘filtered’ from the coming Lord’s flock for having too many sins.  The half slaughter/half redemption continues to this very day.

The truth is that the falls doesn’t care if you’re a sinner or a saint, it just wants some blood and is smart enough to not kill everybody who douses themselves in the falls otherwise people may not come back.  Those who report that they felt ‘saved’ were simply hit with a powerful, and permanent, adjustment to all of the mechanisms in their body that handle euphoria, basic fear response, aging and anything else that needs tweaking in order to make sure the ‘absolved’ keep encouraging people to come back.  As for what the fall actually is, well, that’s still up for debate.  Studied by magicians from around the world, theories range from the fall simply being a really crazy-powerful water elemental, while other feel it may be a ‘god’ or other entity, biding its time for decades and waiting for the perfect chance to manifest and cause an epic shit storm.  Regardless, religious groups continue to trek to the falls to basically die or get high.  And the falls wait.