Driving Your PCs Insane
A guide to using Esoteric Shitstorm.
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-01

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Hello, All.  I just wanted to show you how I use these random lists of esoteric items to create a chain of events mind numbingly obtuse and complicated.  Here we go:
  Spell looks reminiscent of incident in chronicle of:
RUINS Lands Of Remains
  And what is needed to open book is:
  Upon book open, read of:
PLAGUES The Blood Pandemic
  Which caused a horrible illness that can only be fought with:
METALS Jupleynor
INGREDIENTS Humming Bamboo
  But first must retrieve artifact, made of iron:
ITEMS Hand Of Remedies
  But carving indicate it was created by being part of:
  which can only be countered by:
ENCHANTMENTS Mythic Gift Of Weakness
  A spell that temporarily drains magic and lets the viewer see:
DIMENSIONS The Dark Dimension
  After which point the magic user needs:
HERBS Addiander
HERBS Winter Nutmeg
  To get strength enough to chant phrase to activate Hand Of Remedies safely, but:
REALMS The Severed Land
  Will demand re-payment through visions by requiring the drinking of
WINE Igneiquem Viejo
  But will yield a pleasant feeling known as:
SPELLS Sanctimony Of Confidence
  Which will end with visions of the:
RUINS Village Of Extinction
  And a mysterious man known as:
RUNES Odurth (Stranger)
  Once a member of:
RELIGIONS Wanderers Of Vydaqir
  Who were specialists in blood spells chronicled in:
BOOKSNORMAL Guarding The Immortals
  Which members can gain insight into by reading about:
RELIGIONS Sect Of Whispers
  And the demon:
DEMONS Osmishino
  Who destroyed the:
ITEMS Microlith Of Cures
  Belonging to the:
  Who left their history in:
BOOKSMYSTIC The Codex Of Nodar
  Which explains the broken parts of the microlith are comprised of:
  Which, when mixed with:
ITEMS Demon Root
  Will cause the book:
BOOKSMYSTIC The Testaments Of The Mind
  To fly off the shelf, pleading audibly for:
INGREDIENTS Cave Bitterweed
  That turns the book into a tome about
CASTLES Baedcove Stronghold
  and the 
RELIGIONS Creed Of Rutoqir
  who worshipped
DEMONS Bleixic
  and invented the
POTIONS Potion Of Brute Force
  which could solve the problem if it wasn't sent to the dimension:
  who followed the teachings of
RELIGIONS Communion Of Pleoni
  Who demands that anybody who wishes to discover their secrets must put on a minor
ART Celebration
  and then light the
ITEMS Misery Lamp
  that bums everybody out until directed to find:
ITEMS Tablet Of Benediction
  that leads them to tales of:
CHIVILRY The Guardians Of Dawn
  Who found, and then hid (in the mansion) the:
ITEMS Gauntlet Of Toxin
  whose makings indicate it was crated by the demon:
DEMONS Clagiote
  Who will manafest unless a 
  obtained from
DUNGEONS The Grim Lair
  mixed with
INGREDIENTS Juggernaut Dust
  And down a whole bottle of:
WINE Ognan Dolce
  Only to discover the true power was transferred to:
JEWELRY The Tinted Crux Ring
  Which was lost during:
PLAGUES The Omega Outbreak
REALMS The Barren Land
  But the people were informed that a brick from:
TOWERS Revelation Obelisk
  located in:
KINGDOMS Tarenth Kingdom
  Beyond the:
RUINS Town Of Dreams
aaand, at this point I ran out of steam....