Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #014
Brumby Emerges Form 18 Years Of Cryosleep
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-03-22

January 16 of da year 2057 was da kinda super badtime days where youse wanna have just done stays in bed.  If Brumby has done dat, hes wouldn’t not not be in da years 2075.

I wuz a super badtime.  Bumby on run with da tard (Brumby knows word is bad, but not care) team dat up an quick pulled out when dat bad things started going bang.  Brumby get all surround about and da next thing I know I waking up in very icy cold place.  As Brumby go to sleepy time, he think he done.  He become organ parts and doin stuff time is much much over.

Brumby wake up in empty place.  He slowly feel warm, but still much cold and much weakness.  He wander bits up ta da door and it open in new new world.  Wirez gone.  Much weird mind computer people.  Newz magic an guns and feel good chips.  It all seem new, but Brumby realize it how he thought it be.  Brumby deep think guy, and saws this right coming.  Den Brumby remember: Byes now…all his troll frinds old dead.  And Brumby girlfriend person…she buried in da ground.  Brumby all alone.

But Brumby starts with the thinking, and doez remember da human and elf and da other types still around.  Brumby is so much very sad at now, but sometimez you gotta think: Nothing Brumby can do about it.  Putting past into deeper past is how weeze move on.  Da grudges and da vendetta and all da thing dat need to be finished, just, just, sometimez can’t.  And dat when you lets go.

It take time.  Putting in past iz not forgettingess.  We’z always remember.  I wilz always remember my lady girl.  But it in past in safe, static stop place.  Be the past bad or good, no never move forwardz if always looking backwardz. 

It good way to slam into brick wall.