Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #013
Brumby Forgets His Backup
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2000-01-20

So Brumby wuz doin' the running kinda thing on a fine sunny night, with all da shootin and whatnot, and wuz keeping da Bad Guys not happy an' all, when some of da lightz went kaboom, and den all da lights went out.  Dis wazn't all dat surprisin', cuz I wuz in da barrenz and da electricated type company don't much cares about da people out here cuz, let us face it, nobody really got all dat much interest in paying dere bill.  So dey letz da system start doin' surge and blackout kinda things.

Anyways, da completeness and suddeness of da blackout didn't ruffle Brumby much, on account a he gots all da thermos and unltrasoundz and whatnot he could fit into dose eyez of hiz.  So Brumby finished up wit hiz bang shootin, grabbed some fancy kinda chip from da Bad Guys, and den high butted it back to hiz local apartment type place (Brumby gots places all over).  After Brumby plugged da chip into hiz 'puter, Brumbyís pay-day would become a pretty soon type of event.

Az Brumby walketed back to hiz local apartment type place, he could see dat da lighting illumination wuz not happening dere either.  Brumby wuz gettin' a bit worry frazzled by now, cuz he remembered dat hiz 'puter battery wuz dead and dat he had left it plugged in ta da wall (not even wit a power boom protector, since da last one blowed up a couple of days past).  If da 'puter did a nasty kaboom, da effectz wus gonna be much even worse den just loozin a new Brumby poem.  Dis wuz cuz Brumby had recently got some softwares he needed from a hard to getz contact so he could do stuff wit da chip.

Anywayz, da 'puter went boom.  Lots of boom.  Like, pieces of sparky parts all over da room kinda boom.  Da backup drive went boom too, which iz just fine as well, cuz brumby has forgottens ta use it.  Brumby wuz not proud dat with all his smart vastness he had done a no-no dat will cost him many bucks.  It woulda only taken brumby 'bout 15 secondz ta back up.  Now Brumby'z gotta spend 15 dayz getting hiz shit in one place again.

So Brumbyís just gonna reminds all of youze dat takiní da time ta hit a liddle button is sometimez with da time it takes ta hit da liddle button.  Itíz not doiní da little things dat screwz ya.