Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #012
Brumby Gets Shot Up
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1999-10-18

Brumby made sure he got lots of tough like oriented cyber and bio kinda things when he made da decision to start wit da runnin.  Brumby wuz pretty protected anyways, what wit da dermal thickened skin stuffs, and da fact dat he weight more den many swat teams all putted together.  And Brumby haz to admit dat he wuz beginnin ta get dat feeling dat anything dat would come at him wuz just gonna bounce off.

See, even da most brightest and insightfully types of people can sometimez get der mind thoughts crossed.  Brumby haz been hit wit da bullets many, many timez, but almost every single one of dem times da bullets never did a whole lot other den bruise Brumby'z skin.  And after a long times of not gettin hurtz real bad, it gets real easysimple ta think dat you is nuthin short of inpenatratable.  Cuz of dis, Brumby got into da habit of runnin in fronts of da bullets and thinkin' he don't get hurtz.

Well, when Brumby awakened in da hospital with da tubes runnin out his face and whatnot, and one or thee dozen plugs keepin his insides from spillin out through little holes, Brumby realized dat he better get his shit in a row.

Last thing Brumby remembers is a big bad troll like guy startin to hoze his hidin place in a factory he wuz gonna blow up.  Brumby wuz runnin late, and da troll only had a SMG type bang generator, so in da interest of savin a minutes or two he decided ta charge da bad guy.

Two things were not realized by Brumby at dat time.  Da first is da fact dat da bad guy had one of dem military type targetin' computer nasties in hiz brain.  Da second is dat Brumby didn't have noticed dat da gun wuz firin' APDS bang fliers.  Brumby gots maybe a small percentile of a meter from hiz hidin when da bad guy unloaded on da places on Brumby dat happened to have da weakest armorish protection.  Dat iz da last thing Brumby rememberz.

So now Brumby is in da hospital wit about 200,000 nuyens of body and cyber damage.  Considerin da run wuz only payin 20k, perhaps Brumby should have stopped for one moments of five so he could have seens just whut his bad guy really wuz.  It iz bad news ta take a 180,000 nuyens loss, not includings da time and runz Brumby will lose while he laid up in da hospitalz.

So Brumby would likes to just tell everybody dat just because you didn't get shot to little bitty pieces da first 30 timez you runned in front of da gun, dat 31th time may be da one dat puts you in da ground.